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Palmersport Extended Driving Day w/ Nic Hamilton


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Dec 6, 2017
Hello Everyone!

There's an extended driving day at Palmersport in Bedfordshire (United Kingdom) on Wednesday 10th July 2019 that I am going to attend. Since there's a discount if we can get a group of 10+ people, I figured I'd post up here and see if anyone else is interested. I'm posting it in the UK Club on iRacing too.

It's a full day of driving race cars around race tracks without limitations and cones marking out where you're allowed to drive. There'll be a bunch of track sessions -- two in each car plus Nic Hamilton will be around to give you a passenger ride in the JP-LM.

The sessions:
2x Formula 3000 Singer Seater
2x Palmer Jaguar JP-LM
2x BMW M2 Competition
2x Caterham Seven - PalmerSport edition
2x Renault Clio Cup Racer
Plus a passenger ride with Nic Hamilton

Nic will also be around for Q and A session and of course hospitality is all included.

The damage is £1380 (1620 EUR), or £1200 (1410 EUR) if we can get 10 (I've got 2 already at time of writing and am canvassing Club UK on iRacing too). If you're interested, please post up here and drop me a PM!

More info found here:

For anyone wondering what it's like or if it is any good - YES it is. The instructors really do encourage the speed out of you - Bedford Autodrome is unique in that there are very very few barriers for you to hit, so mistakes don't end up in costly repairs, so the instructors are happy to encourage you to drive it like you stole it. I've never felt held back by an instructor at any point in any of my previous visits. The single seaters are a really unique experience. You're out on track with a handful of other drivers and it's just YOU who decides how fast you go.

If you're interested, post up and drop me a PM!
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