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PC PC F1 AL1 incident lap 1

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Apr 10, 2019
Platform + League: PC Assist league 1

League Coordinator: @RebornDestroyer

Date: 06-10-2019

Members Involved: @Realnmk @DJ Maugli

Maugli completed cut into turn 2 while his outside was entirely clear. I had nowhere to go with a McLaren on my inside and, in my opinion, Maugli was more than capable to leave the space in this situation. (previously in china a same kind of incident occured where he left no space)

Evidence: https://gyazo.com/e56cbebf9a96be6ac8ced60baa0b7852

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have decided that @DJ Maugli was at fault for the incident and is given a 5 seconds time penalty and 5 penalty points for causing a minor collision.
Not enough space was left on the inside for the Racing Point in turn 2. Please be more careful next time.

@Realnmk @DJ Maugli @Schwalbe
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