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PC PC F4 - Round 6 Monaco

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S17 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 21, 2017

No game sound so little jazz for you guys ;)

Q: Was a bad one, i could have went P1-P2 but went into the wall. To forget, well done @SMEAJ btw ;)

R: Had a good gate-away, unfortunately @koldo spun, i went into P5
Later @LambreX spun in the chiane after the tunnel up to P4 which became almost instantly P3 as @Haydn went into the wall in the penultimate corner.
Then a chase down on @Chicane startet but dirtyer was so effective that i couldn't get past him (great deffending btw)
I went for the undercut L14 and gave alla I had in the following lap (nice from @Mr AlcoN to not battle to much when I went for the move in the swimming pool section, could have ended in tears :D)
@Chicane exited behind me and i started to create a gap and tried to catch @SMEAJ. But our championship leader kept his head down and didn't make any mistake ! Unlike him i made one and decided to pit again for a new front wing but I exited behind @Chicane and passed him some laps later with great fresh supersofts !

P2, great damage limitation after that bad qualy :happy:
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Aaron Shum

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Oct 28, 2016
I haven't fallen out of love with league racing, I have fallen out of love with this game. I will still be league racing, hopefully in the new rF2 league. But I cannot viably continue racing this game, because so many things keep breaking for me, causing a world of pain.
@LambreX Honestly, sounds like quitter talk.
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Apr 28, 2017
In case you were wondering what my start looked like:
Really not sure why I desynced at the start. My internet was running normal, I even checked it right before the start.
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Aaron Shum

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Oct 28, 2016
@LambreX I've contemplated writing a long essay but I will keep it short. You're a sore loser, that's all. Lastly, you made a committment to this league. Yea sure, it's a "game" and not real life, but still says a lot about your character. If you want to go, go.


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Aug 27, 2016
@Aaron Shum If you really knew how my life has been going over the past year or so then maybe you would retract your statement. I go to league racing for an escape, for some fun, and I fully expected that to happen over the course of the year, which is why I made the commitment. Quite frankly I couldn't give two craps about my results in AOR, all I care about is enjoying myself, with good racing. Which has been pretty much impossible due to the reasons highlighted in my first post.

So you can think of me what you want, but i have made this decision for the good of myself. Calling me a sore loser is quite frankly unfounded and ridiculous. I could come last for all I care, but if I had good, fair race where any mistakes were only down to me, then I would be very happy. But that doesn't happen.

Aaron Shum

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Oct 28, 2016
@LambreX We're barely past 25% of the season. Just because you got some glitch that everyone else deals with, and some lag moments that everyone also deals with, you're gonna quit the 14 next races? You're telling me you're not going to have fun in at least half of those? You have had some more finishes than some others in this league. No battles good enough in the 6 races that you took part in leave you wanting more?


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Aug 20, 2017
Watch to see some great racing in my action-packed GP

(Literally the highlights for the race are Start-Cinematic-Pit Stop-Cinematic-End)