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PC PC F4 Round 9 - Austria

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S16 AOR PC F4 Champion
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Nov 28, 2017
Q: was pretty average, I did a safe banker 1:06.3, was up by almost 5 tenths on my final run and cut the 2nd to last corner, decent P5 I guess

R: got punted by I think @DackeBerg at T1 which dropped me to like P9, was stuck behind chicane and Julien, made a mistake lap 5 and torpedo'd Julien which cost us both a further 5 or so seconds, then pitted onto inters (a lap late) and got stuck behind thm, I was probably about 7-8 tenths a lap quicker than him, dirty air and changeable conditions made it tough to pass, was a good battle and eventually got @Thm786 around lap 28-30, after I got passed showed some really decent pace, may of had P2 if I had made the move 10 laps earlier, decent first race apart from the mistake though.


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F1 Coordinator
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Dec 27, 2015
@Thm786 u should have given that position back to getshum, they won't remove stop and go's.
Lol the game just hated u that race

Aaron Shum

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Premium Member
Oct 28, 2016
an entire week late plus some, but I finally got it out lol

*edit* @Mr AlcoN Had a lot of fun in our battles over the 7 laps, you are one hard defender



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Jul 15, 2017
A bit late but here are my Race Highlights (without commentary :D )


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Aug 20, 2017
Jeez that delay would even make me proud


S17 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 21, 2017
Disapointing from lap 2 to lap 22
Nothing else to say

[EDIT] wrong thread sorry
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