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Moved PC F8 Austria Divebomb

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S15 AOR PC Assist League 1 Champion
Platform + League: PC F8
League Coordinator: @CameronB
Date: 22/11/20
Members Involved: @Entity @Milik @Kippetje
Description: @Milik went for the mother of all divebombs trying to pass 3 cars into 1 corner. Crashing into the back of @Kippetje also pushing me well off the road. He didn't even concede position & I lost 4 positions in a close race.



Junior Karter
Hi, obviously it wasn’t deliberate as the other cars brake so early and I was in battle with some, could not go anywhere else. You can see from the car movement that I was also pushed a bit in the corner I think. Already discussed with Kippetje.

Anyway sorry for pushing you wide.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded the following:

For his dangerous divebomb, @Milik will receive 5 seconds time penalty and 10 penalty points for dangerous driving and causing a minor avoidable collision.
In the future, make sure to always drive carefully when following other cars and not enter corners with too much extra speed

@Entity @Milik @CameronB
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