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PC PC F8 - Overly Aggressive driving followed by a dangerous track rejoin

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May 24, 2017
Platform + League: PC F8
League Coordinator: @Jipper @HaiCo @TheVerenzak
Date: 19/5/19
Members Involved: @Jipper / @Ghost153
Description: Initially @Ghost153 goes for an overtake on me into turn 6 Hairpin, Fairly successfully avoiding me until corner exit where he pushed me off the track, The following lap, im attacking him and pass him before the braking zone holding an aggressive line in the middle of the track, the arrows indicated he was now behind me and were white so wasn't in the immediate proximity, however still pushes me to the curbs with a hit, I've left room on the apex for @Ghost153 to make the corner. the following corner in his desperation to stay ahead he overcooks the braking point and leaves the circuit, giving a full boot of throttle and returning to the track he then dangerously whips across the front of my car, from the right hand side to the left hand curb?? thankfully i saw what was coming and braked to avoid taking damage.

Whilst i dont mind aggressive driving to a certain extent, there has to be some leeway when making a mistake, and for me this showed a lack of respect to fellow racing driving drivers on the track and could not go unreported.
Please be more careful in future, This is a none contact sport after all.


Initial Push:

Second Push, followed by dangerous rejoin at T8:


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Apr 1, 2019
@Ghost153 do you have any comments to add?
Yeah, at 7 mins u can see from your telemetry how you tried to push me off just before the hairpin braking point.
I would only apologise for the dangerous entry at T6/7 as i slip a bit on the fake grass. Apart from that... it was racing.

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked at the footage provided and have elected to award 5 penalty points to @Ghost153 for a dangerous track rejoin in turn 8. Be sure to rejoin the racing line less abruptly whilst in the presence of other cars in future.

However, NFA is given to the incidents at the hairpin - we judge these as completely fair moves.


(@Jipper @Ghost153 @HaiCo @TheVerenzak)
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