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Closed PC - How to Make a Stewards Enquiry (Tier + Round Number + Lap + Brief Description in thread title)

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Format to follow when submitting a Stewards Enquiry:
When making a stewards enquiry, create a new thread in the Stewards Panel forum, filling in the template below, and tagging your league coordinator, to make them aware or the enquiry and to allow the matter to be dealt with promptly. PLEASE INCLUDE ACC Tier + Round Number in the subject line.
ACC Tier + Round Number:
League Coordinator:
Members Involved:
Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain partial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak.
Evidence: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable.

Thread title:
Please include the following in the thread title when posting a new ACC Stewards Inquiry thread:
ACC Tier + Round/Race Number + Lap + Brief Description

Example thread title for enquiries: T2-R1-Lap 11-Outbreaking Incident with "@John Doe"

This will help the Stewards to stay organized and respond as fast as possible. If you already posted for ACC S3 R1 you do not need to change anything.

What you can make a stewards enquiry for:
Racing incidents: If you feel another driver has caused an incident - eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, or driving too aggressively - you should report this to the stewards for investigation.
Jumping the start: If you feel another driver jumped the start and gained an advantage by moving before the lights went green, you should report this to the stewards.
Dangerous Driving: If a driver rejoins the track in an unsafe or dangerous manner, you should report it to the stewards.

Time frame for posting stewards enquiries:

Inquiries need to be submitted before Thursday 23:59 PM UK time (in the same week as the race) for incidents you have been involved in. If any new rule violations come to light through videos released after this time, it is still possible to report this, but only if this violation is something that was not visible to the other driver(s) in the race at the time it happened. Other involved parties have another 24 hours to respond. This is to ensure that the race results can be updated and confirmed in a timely manner.

Video evidence:
Any video evidence submitted in a stewards enquiry must be uploaded to a video streaming site (such as YouTube, Streamable, Dailymotion, Xbox DVR) before being embedded and/or linked to in the enquiry thread. Stewards should not have to download video files in order to watch your evidence.
If the video evidence is part of a longer video that also contains other parts of the race, a time stamp must be provided next to the video to guide the stewards to the relevant part of the video where the evidence can be found. Failing to do this may lead to the evidence being dismissed.

Who is allowed to post in the Stewards Panel?
Anyone can raise an issue in the Stewards Panel, but only the people who are directly involved with the incident raised and the members of the ACC coordinators staff are permitted to post in the threads. No one else needs to provide their opinion unless they are specifically asked to do so by one of the ACC coordinators

5.3 Race Penalties

The stewards have a variety of penalties that may be applied to punish drivers who break our racing rules, depending on the severity of the violation. The available penalties are sorted below, in order of severity and will depend on the Stewards decision. Penalty points may or may not be added to Drivers License - see further down for more details.
(Note that penalties may be added together in the event of multiple violations in a race, which could result in total time penalties of a higher number than what is suggested below)

0-5 race results points reduction - Driving in a dangerous or unsporting manner.
0-20 race results points reduction - Causing a minor avoidable collision.
0-40 race results points reduction - Causing a moderate avoidable collision.
0-60 race results points reduction - Causing a significant avoidable collision.
0-80 race results points reduction - Causing a major avoidable collision.

The above means that the winner of a race could receive fewer points than the driver who finished in P2. This would mean that the winner of that race was to blame for causing a collision, while the P2 finisher had a clean race.

Modifiers to Race Penalties

● Returning the position after an avoidable collision may result in the points deduction being reduced. Stewards encourage giving the position back or an attempt at waiting.
● Causing an avoidable incident in the opening lap may result in an increase of result points deduction.
● If the consequences of a penalty are worse or not as bad as the contact itself, the points reduction may be higher/lower than the usual punishments mentioned in the overview above.
● Not slowing down when clearly witnessing an incident in front of you, may result in an increase of result points deduction.

5.4 Drivers License Penalties

The Drivers License points system is a way of keeping track of a driver's record of breaking the rules of clean racing, and to more severely punish repeat offenders. Drivers License Points will not be influenced by external circumstances related to an incident, they will only be given for the severity of an incident. Driver License Points may or may not be applied alongside race penalties, as per the list below.

5 points - Driving in a dangerous or unsporting manner.
5 points - Causing a minor avoidable collision.
10 points - Causing a moderate avoidable collision.
15 points - Causing a significant avoidable collision.
20 points - Causing a major avoidable collision.

Modifiers to Drivers License Penalties

● +5 points
- Causing an avoidable incident in the opening lap

Clean Racing Award

-5 points - Completing a race without any penalty. (Note: points balance won't go below 0)


If you accumulate 15 points, you will be awarded a Race Drive Through *
If you accumulate 25 points, you will be awarded a Stop&Go 30 Sec *
If you accumulate 40 points, you will be awarded a Race Ban
If you accumulate 50 points, your league status will be put under review, with the likely outcome of being removed from the league.

* Penalties will be applied by coordinators via ACC admin commands at the start of the formation lap of the next race. DT's and SG30's must be served after the race starts, not the formation lap. ACC allows three laps to serve the penalty. Drive Through and 30-second stop/go penalties, must be served after you cross the start/finish line starting your race and at the end of a race lap.

Drivers License Penalty points will carry over to a new season

● Any penalties will be aimed at the person who has done wrong - we cannot compensate anyone else as a result of someone's actions. All penalties are discussed by the Stewards Panel (consisting of the members of the AOR ACC Team - Admins, Moderators and Coordinators - from all platforms) before being issued and the driver will always be informed of the outcome. The Stewards Panel is completely neutral and will not include anyone who may be affected by the incident in question with race results or championship points.

5.5 Reprimand system

While the race penalties and penalty points system are aimed at dealing with on-track issues, the reprimand system deals with issues that may occur off the track.

If you receive 3 reprimands, you're out. Receiving 3 reprimands would also see you placed on the blacklist, meaning you would not be allowed to return to the leagues in the future.

You can receive a reprimand for the following:
● Deliberately crashing out of the session
● Showing abusive behavior towards another driver, either in the race lobby, discord or on the forum
● Intentionally hiding/removing evidence and/or footage to avoid receiving a penalty in an inquiry
● Being inactive on the forums for a longer period of time and repeatedly failing to respond to inquiries

Note that if we encounter situations where someone's behaviour gets completely out of hand and is extremely serious, a ban may be applied directly regardless of reprimands accumulated.

5.6 Blacklist

The blacklist contains the names of drivers who have been removed from the leagues - either through accumulating 50 penalty points or 3 reprimands - and drivers who have left the leagues during an ongoing season with no good reason.

Having your name applied to the blacklist generally means you will not be allowed to rejoin the leagues in the future.


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Providing Evidence for a Stewards Enquiry

As per the rules, you are required to save your league race replay and keep it for at least a week. This can be used as evidence to support your point of view when either starting a stewards enquiry or defending yourself in an enquiry brought against you.

What Evidence We Want To See

The whole point of providing footage to the stewards is to show the incident as clearly as possible. We therefore have a few guidelines for the kind of evidence we want to see.

● Behind the car view - It shows more than just the car in question, it also shows the area around the car.
● Your point of view - Showing the incident from the view you race with is very useful.
Do not use the trackside replay cameras - They are not representative.

The following elements are required in the video:
● Cockpit and Chase point of view of the driver submitting the inquiry, recorded at normal speed
● Cockpit and Chase point of view of the driver who caused the incident, recorded at normal speed
● HUD must be enabled/visible in the footage
● If you're sharing a long video, provide key time-stamps.
● Any additional point of view (track side, helicam etc.) can be added after the required elements.

What to not include:
● Slow-motion replays
● Captions or special effects

How To Record Evidence on PC:

GeForce ShadowPlay for Nvidia GPU's (simply press alt + F9 to start and stop recording), more information
Radeon ReLive for AMD CPU's, more information HERE


Here is a setup guide:
1. First go into settings
2. Under encoding set bitrate to 5000 and in general just the settings i use.
3. Under video choose 60 FPS or what you do get
4. Right click where it says scenes and click "add scene" name that scene what you want.
5. Right click where it says sources and click "display capture" if you use ACC with fullscreen disabled (multiple monitors), "game capture" if you use Fullscreen.
6. Now you are ready to start recording.. do that by pushing "start recording" it should show you a live picture of what you are recording while you are recording it.
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