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PC PC - Japan time penalty removal

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Filip Prešnajder

S15 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 28, 2017
Platform + League: PC Esports Team Tournament
League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming
Date: 4.5.2018
Members Involved: Myself
I got a 5 second stop-go penalty for cutting the chicane. I know it can't be seen on stream since I'm right behind @hyperzz who the commentators are riding onboard with him. But the notification pops up right as we go through the chicane. You can also see on the gaps that i didn't gain any time. I understand if it can't be removed, but if it can't be then i think reducing it to 3 seconds is fair. I had one warning in the whole race.
Evidence: 1:02:52
35:26. It is quite hard to see from Cem's POV, but you can see in the mirrors i haven't done any major cut that would gain me time. The exact same lap, the exact same moment where i got the penalty. If you play it at 0.25 it's clear to see there wasn't any major cut at all.


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