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PC PC-S13 Round 1 Practice Race - IMOLA - Tuesday 04/06/19


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ACC Coordinator
Mar 27, 2018
Sign-up if you're interested. Everyone is welcome. Join discord before quali.
IMPORTANT: can serve as evaluation race to late signups to Season 13.

Event Information:
Date: Tuesday 4 June 2019
Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)
● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)
● Event format:
- Qualifying: 15 mins
- Race: 1 Hour
- The event could be splitted in shorter races if coordinator and drivers agree on it

● Damage: Off

● Weather Conditions: (Sync-to-race weather progression)
- Quali: Light Clouds
- Race: Light Clouds

● In-game time-of-day information (real-time time progression):
- Qualifying time: 7 April 2019, 14:00
- Race start time: 7 April, 2019 15:00

Formation Point:

Acceleration Zone:

If you are unsure about the Manual Rolling Start procedure, please read the instructions and watch the explanatory video.

● Rules & regulations:
Before you take to the track in the race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the leagues. You are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

● Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the rest of the lobby settings that will be used, look here.

● Save your replay: As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

Useful Links:
League Rules

Host: @Chloé


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ACC Coordinator
Mar 27, 2018
Evaluation in the time trial?? Or What??
new AOR drivers need to have an evaluation race to verify their racecraft (mostly, that they can drive in traffic without crashing) and knowledge of the rules.
This is stated in the sign up thread:

Driver Placements: Placements will be based from S12 results for returning drivers. New drivers will have to do a Time Trial lap at Catalunya GP & Brands Hatch GP plus an Evaluation Race in order to be placed.

You missed the 2 evaluation races we've already done, but fortunately you can get your evaluation by joining one of our test races/community events.
Make sure you join AOR discord and keep an eye Project Cars community events forum. We usually do a couple of test/practice races every week before the official race.
There might be one tonight if @Chloé or @VSR Davidben or @dakuza are available to host
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