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PC Season 8 Information


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Jan 15, 2014
AOR F1 Leagues - Season 8

Welcome to Season 8 of the AOR PC F1 2013 Championship! We're proud to have 7 successful seasons under our belts in the F1 Leagues and we're hoping with your help Season 8 can be even better. We've made a name for ourselves providing fast, clean, fair and competitive racing in a virtual environment and we plan to live up to that and keep improving. Season 8 will take place on F1 2013 and should be very tight as we are all so new to the game!

AOR is all about having an enjoyable experience on track by following proper racing rules, as opposed to the demolition derby that is public lobbies. Following on from the success of previous seasons, we hope there will once again be a lot of good, clean and competitive racing to be had in Season 8! An important part of the AOR slogan is also the word fair. If we all play by the rules, don't try to exploit faults in the game, and race cleanly on the track, there shouldn't be any issues. So if you're going to be a part of our leagues, then you play by our rules, and you play fair!

Race Day & Time

All of the current PC leagues run their races on Sunday evenings at 8:00pm (UK time).

League Rules and Information

All of the league's rules can be found in the Rules & Regulations thread. By signing up to our leagues, you agree to abide by all of our rules, and we expect all drivers to be aware of these before entering.

Our racing rules are in place to help us enforce clean and fair racing in the leagues. As an AOR driver, it is required that you do your very best to race within these rules. We also expect you to behave maturely and respectfully in the race lobby and on the forums.

A problem that has persisted through all seasons so far, and that is impossible to avoid, is drivers no showing races and pulling out before the end of the season. Our rules make it clear that if you have to miss a race, you need to inform your league's coordinator before the race, and have a proper reason for it. Remember, you sign up with the intention to race when you can, not only when you can be bothered.

We can't stop anyone from leaving the leagues, but we can black-list drivers who disappear from the league without saying anything, and drivers who pull out of the league mid-season without a proper reason.

Pulling out due to falling out of love with the game, or because you're getting poor results in your league, is not appreciated - these are things you should consider properly before signing up. At this point you should know what the game is like, with both its pros and cons, so make sure you are prepared to make the commitment of racing once a week for a full season. Remember, when you sign up you commit yourself to a full season, not only a few races.

The PC league is run as a number of concurrent championships, where drivers are assigned to one of several "splits" according to a pre-season time trial event. For season 8 we are planning to run a maximum of 4 splits, though this may change subject to demand.

The championship consists of an 17-race schedule, each race running a 50% distance with Dynamic Weather and the Safety Car.

Pre-season Time Trial

Before the season starts we'll be running a Time Trial event, entry to this competition is mandatory for anyone wishing to enter Season 8. The results of the Time Trail will determine which to which split you are assigned and will help decide which constructor you race for.

Time Trail event will open Sunday 13th April and will end 23:59pm (UK Time) Friday 18th

Joining the League

New sign-ups from now until the Time Trail event ends will be allocated seats until we have a maximum of 64 drivers. After this new drivers will be placed as reserves to an appropriate split.

Please note that new members to AOR are required to take part in a social event before their first official league race. AOR reserves the right to refuse entry to any member who does not driver fairly and safely, or that shows evidence of a exceptionally laggy connection.

Reserve Drivers

Any one who signs-up once the Pre-season Time Trial event has ended, or after the first league races have taken place, will be asked to perform the Time Trails individually, they will be placed in the appropriate split as a reserve driver. Reserve drivers are invited to take the place of any full-time driver who is not able to take part in a league race. Reserve drivers can score points, but are not classified in the drivers championship, and their points will not contribute to the constructors points tally.

If a full-time driver pulls out of the championship, then reserve drivers will be offered the place - by order of sign-up date - where upon any accumulated points will be added to the drivers championship and they will be able to start winning points for their new team.


The AOR PC F1 2013 leagues allows the follow assists:

ABS: Banned
Auto Gears: Allowed
Braking Assist: Banned
Driving Line: Allowed
Pit Assist: Banned
Traction Control: Banned

Modification and Skins

There are currently no restrictions on skinning or modding the game when participating in the PC F1 2013 leagues. However, modifications that are deemed to provide an unfair advantage are obviously not allowed. AOR reserves the right to request any driver to remove a specific modification.

Connection & Lag

It's an unfortunate aspect of online racing that your connection can be very critical to being able to race closely with other people. While we understand that we can't all have a perfect connection and that occasional lag can't be avoided, we reserve the right to ask a driver to step down from the league if their connection is causing too many issues for other drivers.


The full season 8 calendar can be found Here.


We do not use the in-game voice communication, in fact we recommend that you turn off Voice Comms in your F1 2013 Audio settings.

Instead, we run a TeamSpeak 3 server, for which you are encouraged to the client and connect when taking part in league races. While it is not mandatory, it makes our job much easier if we can talk to our drivers before and during a race. A microphone is not required, as it supports text-chat.
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