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PC PC Split 3 - R20: Brazil - 19/3/2017


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Sep 11, 2016
Q: 10
R: 8 (until @Ely' gets his 8th back).

Stupid game, stupid Jeff, stupid me...

I didn't hit a single car at the turn 1 accident, but was handed a "wait for " a driver that was way back.. I should have taken the 5 sec penalty instead of wasting about 30-40 seconds :(

I gained from last to 7 or something on inters, and as most/everybody else I was expecting a dry track very soon when I pitted for hards.
Out of pit I hit the wall and got a red wing damage, so I didn't really worry about how the car was handling.
however I should have..... it kept wet conditions all the race through, but I realised FAAAR to late.
2.nd pitstop was wing repair and then mediums, and with a heart full of trust for Jeff and the pre-condition weather report I was sure it was a matter of few laps before the track was going dry..... which never happend :(
I guess it took me more than 10 laps to finally get into pit for a 3.rd time and bring the inters on, last of all again.

After that I gained a lot of time including 2x fastest lap, and FINALLY I overtook those cars who had overtaken me earlier when I was waving happily around at my slicks, watching everybody else on the faster inters :censored::bag::jimlad::dummy1:

The final laps were between @Ely' and me.
With my kinda "fresh" inters I was much faster but didn't have the skills to pass.
So.. I took a decision to go tight after the first straight - and failed braking :(
Ely was even kind enough to ask if he should wait for me after that (thank you m8! ).
Well we kept fighting but it ended as expected with Ely in front of me.

I'm sure you will get one of your (many) penalties removed so you can take back your deserved 8th :)
Unfortunately my OBS software closed down after 4 seconds so I got no footage to show.
If I only had gone inters all the way... :blackeye::eggface:

Except the 1.st corner stuff it was a great race after all, strange and weird but great :D