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PC PC Split 3 - R21: Abye Dhabye - 26/3/2017

Oct 12, 2016
Q - 1
Went for three runs. First on the SS but screwed that up big time. First run on the US was decent but I knew I could be faster. Second run was perfect till the last sector and lost 1 or 2 tenths but I got pole so I couldn't complain.

R - 1
Initially I had a good getaway but then the wheelspin came and @iZi had a look on the inside but I could just hold on to P1. I knew I had the pace but not the tyrewear under control. L4 I had to pit for S and rejoined in 8th. I needed to push and overtake as fast as I could to cover iZi and @CameronB. After a few laps I found myself in 2nd position behind @WarnTyre who didn't pit until L11 with SS. Cameron was about 3 to 4 seconds behind the hole stint on SS. Then in L14 Cameron pitted to go on the S compound so I pitted one lap later to also go on the S just to be safe from an undercut from Cameron. When I came back on the track the gap to Cameron was about 2.5 seconds and I knew I couldn't make any mistakes. And for the second time this season I didn't get any time-penalties for corner cutting or track limits :shame: so I could bring the car home to win my second race.
Congrats for Cameron for his well deserved second place
And a great drive from @Scott_Aitchison to finnish third and get his first podium of the season to ensure a great race for sauber.

Had a great season with you guys with a lot of highlights with great racing and some podiums.



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Sep 19, 2014
[DOUBLEPOST=1490561684][/DOUBLEPOST]Felt really good with the car today and without the early race crash (which dropped my motivation on the race) I think I'd finish in a pretty good position.


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Jun 27, 2015

Qualifying was the best lap I've ever done, it was only around 2 tenths off my best time trial lap, I made a small mistake which cost me around a tenth, but the rest of the lap was the est I could have done.

Got a reasonable start and held my position, my pace felt good enough to run with the leaders, I lost a position to @WarnTyre just before I made my first stop on lap 6. For the next stint, I was on my own, so I made sure I was consistent and looked after my tyres. I pitted again on lap 17 and emerged in 6th. I quickly overtook @ChokDK and @only4win and then set off after @WarnTyre. I had a good battle for a few laps, his weaving on the straight was a bit cheeky but I'll let him off as its the last race of the season. It was a shame that the battle ended with @WarnTyre lagging backwards. Overall I'm happy to have finally got a podium, it took long enough! It has been a real fun season and it has been a pleasure to race against you all. Hopefully I will be able to race some of you again next season. My POV is below (I'm going to try to make a season highlights video over the next few weeks):

Also congratulations to my teammate @Jochem van der Sterren on the win.


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Feb 5, 2017
Q : P8

Quite a decent lap, first of the drivers with the SS tyres


A pretty good start but I couldn't avoid @[email protected] 's spinning car at the Apex on turn 1. which sent me spinning and at the back of the field too
I decided to give everything I had to catch up to the midpack and to get some points.
I was involved in great wheel to wheel actions with the French squad and @ChokDK for P8.
By trying to extend my 1st stint I pushed 1 lap too much and I got a puncture :(

P11 I was trying to close the gap to P10 and on lap 16, I lost it on Turn 3 and stuffed my car in the barriers to end a very poor race.
Footage of my race

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Aug 26, 2014
P11 I was trying to close the gap to P10 and on lap 16, I lost it on Turn 3 and stuffed my car in the barriers to end a very poor race.
To be fair, it was a great slide.


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Feb 3, 2016
Soooo scary when we went three wide into turn 9... Puuuh..


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Dec 27, 2014
A great season guys. Some fantastic races this season, off the top of my head I can think of Bahrain with @StevieSQ, @Blue Inquisitor charge on Russia, @WarnTyre at Canada, @StevieSQ at Austria and there are many others.

We started edgy with stewards galore but over time the driving improved and I think the amount of different race winners we had shows just how close of a split we had :)
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Dec 27, 2014
I thought, I really really really, really really really thought I had it.



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Apr 1, 2016
Q - 3rd
R - 2nd

I was really happy with my lap probably the best I could have done.

I had a good start even with being extra cautious not to get a drive through again. I held onto my 3rd from @Scott_Aitchison before pitting on the end of lap 4 for a set of super softs in hopes of jumping @iZi which i managed to do I then found myself in 2nd maintaining a 3-4 second gap to @Jochem van der Sterren. On Lap 14 I pitted for a set of softs, then @Jochem van der Sterren pitted on lap 15 for another set of softs denying me any chance of under cutting him and challenging him for the win.

Congrats to @Jochem van der Sterren for the win and @Scott_Aitchison for his first podium.

This season was far more exciting compared to season 11 as I never knew what my pace would be good enough for. I hope to be racing most of you next season and that it'll be just as good if not better than this season was.

Ctzn Ely

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Mar 6, 2017