PC2 - Brazil - Overtake Completed Off Track

smikpoH kraM

Junior Karter
Apr 16, 2020
Great Britain
Platform + Division: PC Division 2
League Coordinator: @SienebobNeliö
Date: 01/08/2020
Track: Interlagos
Members Involved: Opsin, snikpoH kraM
Description: Overtook Opsin and completed the overtaking maneuver by running with all four wheels off track. Came back onto track without letting him past and then drove away into the sunset. To be honest I don't remember it and probably wasn't thinking properly as I had other things on the mind. I don't think I was that dangerous coming back onto track, but completing the overtake off track was stupid and I should have let him back past. Only have Opsin's view as I wasn't recording.