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Moved Penalty Removal AL2 Italy

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Feb 11, 2020
Platform + League: PC Assist League 2

League Coordinator: @Delta2611 @DeAd3ye
Members Involved: Myself
Laps: 25 + 26

We had a full Safety Car on track, i go a liitle bit out wide and get a Ten Second Penalty. There was no time gain for me and i was driving slow through out the corner, and it was under the Safty car! So there is no time gain at all. As well i was slowing down as i saw that i got of wide.

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The 3 Second Penalty in Lap 26 was after the restart trying to give Delta as much space for the corner and really going slow through it. AS well i was scared going into the back of the Ferarri in front. I really dont think that this is worth a penalty.

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If those gets removed, i will finish a few places more into the front.


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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that the 10 second time penalty will be converted to a warning. The stewards were able to find the race director required for such inquiries themselves. Next time please provide us the footage yourself @JDLions_Roar.

Adding the converted warning to the 7 already received by the game, the total amount equals 8. This means ten seconds will be removed from the total race time and that's it.

@JDLions_Roar @Delta2611 @DeAd3ye
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