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Moved Penalty removals plus really poor gameplay.

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Platform + League: PS4 + AL2
League Coordinator: @Gatecrasher
Date: 25/4/21
Members Involved: Everyone
Description: Was following behind the car in front at a nice distance and was trying to warm tyres and brakes and I get hit twice and get 2 x 5 sec pens which i think is unfair and then on the restart everyone accelerates and brakes so I take evasive action and then get swamped by everyone and this throws me all out of sorts for the corner, I realise this and brake hard and choose to avoid crashing into anyone the best I can and give back necessary places. I apologise if it caused damage to someone but remember I did have front wing damage also.. So I would like the first 2 pens taken away and third one I would like too but I don't think that'll happen cause that's on me I guess. Considering the game throws a wobbly for everyone I assume.
Evidence: (timestamp: 1:00:50 to 1:01:58)

Head Steward

Head Steward
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After reviewing the evidence provided, the Stewards have decided to remove both 5s penalties @Lukedicky recieved from contact by other cars under SC conditions... however the 5s penalty at T1 after the restart will remain in place, along with 1 point penalty on his licence for the dangerous entry into said corner.

Both the 'Alfa Romeo' of @San_x14tino0_95 and 'Racing Point' of @PCCollett04 will also recieve 1 point on their licences for contact under SC conditions.

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