Please read - Race Numbers, Gamertags and other useful information |

Please read - Race Numbers, Gamertags and other useful information

GTR Tyskie

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Forza Coordinator
Mar 5, 2019
Players new to Forza Motorsport on AOR
Before you enter any championship on Forza Motorsport hosted by AOR you need to obtain a race number. You can do that HERE Simply post your gamertag and a number that is not taken, you can check what numbers are available HERE. Don't forget to keep AOR updated if you change your gamertag otherwise you may not get a game invite from the lobby host.

Existing players from ORL
Thanks for joining us here at AOR, we have kept all your numbers and gamertags from the ORL website. Please take this opportunity to update your details its extremely important to keep AOR updated with your xbox live gamertag. You can update your details and even change your race number HERE

Lap times/Discussion/Practice lobbies
We encourage everyone to join the AOR discord, we have our own section for racers to post lap times and get together for practice lobbies. You can chat with each other and speak to the forza coordinators about what you think to our series. To join the AOR server use the following link
To learn more about discord and the various devices it can be installed on check out the discord website HERE Alternatively you can simply use the service online through your web browser.
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