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PC Porsche cup mini-series main thread

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Do you want R #1 happen on 26th, 27th or 28th December?

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    Votes: 9 50.0%
  • 27/12

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  • 28/12

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Artur "Jankes" Sobota

Assetto Corsa Coordinator
Staff member
AC Coordinator
Premium Member
Oct 14, 2019
We finally got to the end of mini series of porsche cup!

Congratulations for @M. Nobel champion of porsche cup!

Also grats for @Black_Gold_Saw and @SomeRandomTramp for podium.

Team Championship's winner are Apex Motorsport @ApexMaibom & @Marlon Andrade. Great teamwork guys!

Let me also say thanks to all of you guys for taking part in this event. That was a great fun to race those beasts :D

Also a big thanks for @GIXXERosg and @VoodooChild for making this possible, help and guidance with organisation!

Marlon Andrade

Formula Karter
Jul 15, 2019
Thanks a lot @Jankes and @VoodooChild @GIXXERosg and all other coords that helped out on some race =)
Also thanks all drivers for in general very clean racing, was nice to see people from all tiers racing together and having fun!

Congrats @M. Nobel and @Black_Gold_Saw for the incredible pace and standing out a lot from the rest of us!
And last but not least, thanks @ApexMaibom for teaming up and helping to bring up the team championship (on which Nobel and Gold Saw alone scored more points than the two of us together haha)!

The whole 'season' was quite fun and challenging, definitely learned a lot while driving this crazy car!

Looking forward to drive a car that dont want to kill me all the time and being able to crank up the TC :D


AOR XB1 GT3 S12 T3 Champion
Jan 13, 2019
A huge thanks from me as well, to any and all of you guys and cod’s. It’s been great fun (and also frustrating) racing this car. Mostly enjoyed the 30 min sprint race format for this handful of a car though.

Been having my share of stupid mistakes and bad luck for this series and was just starting to get a little up to speed again after a long while not driving ACC, so good to have a solid teammate. Thank you back @Marlon Andrade its been great (y) Will need to up my pace if I want to team up with you for season 3 I guess:p


Formula Karter
Jul 28, 2016
The one race I did was fantastic. Car wanting to kill me for an hour was fun. And 13th was to bad at Spa, with a killer car.


Formula Karter
Jul 28, 2016
So for fun did a race at Laguna last night in an all make series cup car. It was def fun. Can wait till we do more cup races.