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Would you be interested in an endurance league?

  • 3h races only

    Votes: 28 41.2%
  • 6h+ rounds included as a part of the league

    Votes: 18 26.5%
  • 6h+ rounds as special events

    Votes: 42 61.8%

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Jul 25, 2018
Event Information:
Date: SATURDAY November 16th (16/11/2019)
Track: Monza Eni Circuit - 2019 season
Lobby opens: 17:00 GMT
● Event starts: 17:15 GMT
Lobby name: ApexOnlineRacing #5
● Event format:

  • Practice: 30 mins (x1 progression)
  • Qualifying: 15 mins (x1 progression) - The driver that qualifies for the race is the one that has to start the race
  • Race: 180 mins (x1 progression)
● In-game time-of-day / Weather / rules information:
  • Practice at FRI 9:00 IGT - 26 degree ambient temperature, low cloud level.
  • Qualifying at SAT 12:00 IGT
  • Race starts at SUN 14:00 IGT
  • Track state and weather will be generated by the game. Practice should be completely green in lightly cloudy weather and the track state should carry over from session to session. The game simulates other series running on the same track, so while the practice session could end on a green track, the qualifying might start with an already well-rubbered in state.
  • Dynamic weather turned off
  • Maximum stint time of 65 minutes per driver
  • Refuelling time fixed for all cars
This is a 3 hour race, the purpose of which is to:
  • Test the 2019 season cars in a race environment for the upcoming GT3 league race
  • Check if there's any interest for endurance team races (3+ hours)
  • Test the driver swap feature, server stability and other potential issues due to the possibility of an upcoming endurance league
  • Have fun!
Please sign up as a team of 2 or more (providing driver names, Steam Player IDs and team name). Preferred team driver count is 3. A good idea here would be to sign up with your teammate from the GT3 league with the car you're already driving in.

To get the DriverID:

Go to:
Steam ID Finder
Steam ID Finder is a tool that allows you to find your steam ID quickly and easily.


Type in the users SteamID, and in most cases it should find the number:
You are looking for the steamID64 entry (16 digits)

Example team entry post:

  • Team name: [your desired team name, keep it civil - you can reuse your team name from the sprint league]
  • Car choice: [your car choice, has to be from the 2019 season; you can check the available cars by going into a single player session and selecting the 2019 season or here. 720S is an option too.]
  • Custom livery: [yes or no, mostly just for information as the custom liveries are supposed to be local now]
  • Car #: [choose your car number, range of 1-998, this will also overwrite the car number if you're using a real team livery]
  • Drivers:
Driver 1 (team leader):
  • AOR Forum ID: [tag the first driver with @Driver1]
  • Name: [the driver's first and last name; you can use your nickname or your real name]
  • ID: [steamid64 provided by using the tutorial above]
Driver 2:
  • AOR Forum ID: [tag the second driver with @Driver2]
  • Name: [the driver's name; you can use your nickname or your real name]
  • ID: [steamid64 provided by using the tutorial above]

The drivers will be assigned with a driver rating based on their tier in the current GT3 league (this is mostly for show, though). If the driver is not currently participating in the GT3 league, he will automatically be designated a bronze driver.

Because of the potential ammount of people involved in the race only one designated person from a team will be required to turn up for the driver briefing which will take place during the practice session. We're assuming that teams will use their own discords to communicate with each other, however since this is a community race teams are allowed to use the ACC voice channels for the race.

If you cannot see the AC Discord channel, please type in the 'Permissions request' channel that you need access to 'AC racers'
Game lobby password will be provided in Discord.

In-game rolling start with a full formation lap.
Rolling start speed limiter will be disabled.


The first two drivers pull off at 120kph single file, then on the straight leading into Parabolica the game will announce a double file formation point, where the two leading drivers slow down to 80kph and the rest of the field forms up. Race will start at IN GAME GREEN.

This is mostly a test/fun/practice event, so you are not required to finish the race - there is no scoring. We strongly encourage you, however, to perform at least one driver swap during the race. The optimum would be to cycle through all the drivers and have at least one driver drive the car twice. One of the teams on the field will also exceed the driver stint time intentionally to check if the feature is working properly. If you encounter any problems during the race - crashes, pit stops not working, drivers getting kicked, drivers not being able to get into the car, even visual bugs - please report them to the coordinators that will be running in the race. As far as we know, not all of the drivers have to be in the server by the race start - the teams are determined by the entry lists, and so if the race has already started and a driver joins the server, he should be correctly assigned to his car and be able to swap with his teammates. The teammate that joins the car first is the one that will drive the car first. If the first driver joins during the practice session, he may swap during the practice session with other drivers before the session ends. The last driver to be in the car will qualify and consequently start the race. Coordinators will form teams and check those features specifically but you are free to test and report back on your own as well. If you want to report any issues during the race to the coordinators, join the channel that the AOR coordinators are on.

As far as we understand, team driving still has some issues as outlined in this forum post:

The most game breaking glitch is related to changing the tire compounds on the car, but since the race will take place in static weather this shouldn't be an issue.

Most of the issues that we encountered during the first test drive of the driver swap feature should have been fixed by now, so that all the drivers should be able to pit for fuel, tires and repairs.

Normal AOR endurance racing rules still apply, and we won't tolerate intentional wrecking or other misconduct on or off the race track. This is especially important due to the length of the race - remember, to finish first, first you have to finish!

Update after testing:
Here's how to swap drivers:

First of all, you have to have a button set for the MFD to come up - the bit you'd use to check relative positions on the track or to check the weather forecast/change your pit settings. Without that, you won't be able to swap the drivers.
When you have your MFD open with the pit settings, here's how it looks like:

Use your left/right MFD buttons to change the driver you want to swap with. He will also show up as "requested" on the team widget on the UI - don't worry, the missing names on the top bit was my mistake, here's how it will look like :) -

Proceed to the pits like you normally would - stop in the pit stall and turn the engine off. The crew will start work on your car.

After the pit stop has been completed, you will be ejected from the car into a sort of spectator camera - you can press F1 to change the camera. Your buddy will be driving the car now until he goes into the pits again and swaps with you or anyone else. You are now free to press the pause button and use the "return to garage" option. The "drive" option puts you back in the spectator camera.

You can now notice, that the driver who was previously highlighted as "requested" (the second driver in our team) is now "driving".

  • Swapping the driver and using the pit works EVERY TIME now. We tested this by swapping every lap for a couple of laps in a team of 3 drivers and changing the tires, not changing them, refuelling or not etc.
  • The car electronics settings don't carry over from driver to driver. If your car setup has the TC set to 2 and while driving you will change that to anything else, the next driver will have the TC reverted back to the original value. This also affects the pit limiter - even though it appears to be on, it's not! The best thing to do here is to turn off the pit limiter just as you're stopping in the pit stall so that the pit speed warning is displayed on screen for your teammate - note screenshot 2.
  • Sometimes the team widget on the top of your screen might disappear - visual only.
  • You can safely join and quit the server at any point - as long as there's someone driving the car, nothing bad will happen.
  • The driver stint times in the pit menu are kinda broken - showing unreasonable values. Don't worry, it's just visual. As long as you don't exceed the 65 minute stint time, you should be fine.
  • A full pit stop will always take 30 seconds which is the time it takes the pit crew to refuel your car, change the rubber and swap the driver. The swap alone takes 25 seconds. Refuelling time is set to 30 seconds and changing the tires also takes 30 seconds. Since all those things happen at the same time, the best thing to do strategy-wise is to pit and change/refill all the consumables. Damage repairs are performed after the pit service, so any damage your car suffers will extend the pit stop time.
  • Changing the tire compounds from dry to wet breaks the tire change completely, so just don't do it. If you change the tires from dry to wet, the other drivers won't be able to change back to dry or change the pressures. Since this race takes place in a static sunny weather, you should be driving on dry tires for the whole race anyway :p
  • Sometimes the relative MFD might not update with the driver name that's currently in the car - visual only. Same thing with the lumirank on the car's windshield
  • Sometimes the pit crew stops being animated or just disappears to your teammates. If you're driving the car the pit crew animations work properly, though. This has happened to one of our guinea pigs while he quit and rejoined a race in progress. After he got into the car the pit crew magically appeared again.
  • Only the current driver can operate the pit settings, so if you want to change the settings of the pit stop like pressures etc your driver has to do it by himself.
  • The only way to change the driver is to pit. You can't swap drivers in any other way. If the driver presses "return to garage" in the pause menu, the car gets teleported to the pits, but the driver is still in the car! If he quits, the team members don't have the ability to take the car over from him. He has to return to the server and perform a swap with other drivers first.
  • The tire sets don't increment when changing from one to the other automatically - you have to keep track of which sets you already used (basically this means your race setup should be set to use for example set 10 at the start of the race and then just switch to set 11 and 12, or any other set you know you haven't used yet.
  • If you want to change the setup on the car, the driver that is currently in the car has to go into the pits using the "return to garage" option and then fiddle with the setup. The setups aren't shared, so if one driver uses his setup and then you swap and use "return to garage" pause menu option, you won't have the option to load his particular setup. The best would be to just share the setup file with your other teammates so that all of you can load the same setup - or just run a default one with adjusted tire pressures.
  • You can freely change the drivers in all the sessions. The first driver from the team to join is the first one to be in the car. The livery you'll be running is determined by the first driver - no matter if it's a real livery or your custom one. If you want another driver to qualify, swap with him using the pit stop before the qualifying starts, during the 30min practice session before the race.
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Jul 25, 2018
Tagging again because I seem to have limited understanding of the feature :D


Steve Allan

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May 12, 2019
I'll try and be there as well. Would be fun to get some more races under my belt with you guys.
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May 6, 2015
Yup, up for this!
But it would need to be as 2nd driver (or maybe 3rd), as 17;00 is very early (and a rather odd time to start a race :( )
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Jul 25, 2018
Yup, up for this!
But it would need to be as 2nd driver (or maybe 3rd), as 17;00 is very early (and a rather odd time to start a race :( )
The lobby opens at 17:00, the race session itself will start at 18:00 GMT and will last for 3 hours. Didn't want to make people from GMT+2 time zones to stay up into the night and I also figured out most people would have more free time on their hands on Saturdays. As it stands, the race still ends at 22:00 CET which is roughly the same time the regular sprint races end for most drivers.

But like I said, if you have 2 or 3 drivers and at least one of them is up when starting the race, all is well since you don't have to be present for the entry list assignment to work.
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Jul 9, 2016
lot's of BST's, GMT's and CET's in there lol

Thank you google!

D. Goelz

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Aug 26, 2016
Yup, up for this!
But it would need to be as 2nd driver (or maybe 3rd), as 17;00 is very early (and a rather odd time to start a race :( )
Hey mate, you already teamed up with somebody? Definitely interested in this one and could do the qualy and race start ;-)
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