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The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
Welcome to my press area! Here you will be able to find various things such as previews for races and reviews but also interviews with the diffrent drivers across the season.

I hope you will enjoy it here to make this a bit of a more active forum.

Cheers me:)

The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
Silverstone Podium Interviews

The race around Silverstone saw the @thelivingdead69 take the win after 90 eventful laps and we are now here with our winner!

Congrats on your win! This was the first race of the season how important was this win for you?

Very important! Always good to start a season off with a win and hopefully the momentum continues.

You have some early problems in the pits, tell us about it?

Just silly mistakes like not changing tyres but adding more fuel instead. More practice and those mistakes will disappear.

TRL Axeman has some very good pace around here till his accident, do you feel he will be as strong around Spa and will you be able to challenge him?

I'm always up for challenge so regardless if its Axeman or anyone else I will be aiming for the top spot again

Yeah cheers indeed Luke! Thank you for talking to us! Moving on to our second place man @HoonigaN96. He managed to take his Toyota to the podium finish and he is now here so...

A 2nd place finish in the first race this sesason, how happy are you with that result?

Not a bad result overall, gutted that I didn't get my first AOR pole but congratulations to Axeman for his first pole of the season. After spending most of the first stint rallycrossing and completing the last 10 laps of the stint with steering damage, second stint I spent trying to leap frog @AOR Benjamin and @StubbornGymnast, and after Axemans spin at pit entry and Luke having a bit too much pace for me 2nd overall is pretty good result. I am looking forward to Spa with the Toyota's insane acceleration.

You had quite an off in the start of the race, talk us through what happend!

During the formation lap I had built up a full charge in the battery for the start, after a slightly messy rolling start the toyota easily out accelerated everyone from the startline but with cold tyres and the bumps on the exit of abbey I applied slightly too much throttle and lost the rear end. I managed to just brush the wall and avoid any major damage, but that did ruin my first stint as I had to fight back throguh the pack.

And you certainly did a good job doing that thinking of the result indeed but what will be your aims for this season?

It's still a bit early to tell if it was just my a one off at silverstone, a circuit I'm familiar with and what you might call my home track or whether I can actually run consistantly at the front this season. Hopefully I can and put up a challenge for the title, but for now my target is a top 5 finish in the championship.

Thank you for taken the time to answer my questions and moving on to maybe a slightly gutted @TRL Axeman. It became a bottom step on the podium today after really showing the pace in qualifying with taking pole position for him.

Podium finish after a good performance in qualifying with taking pole position, not a bad start to the season right?

Yes, it was a very good start to the season and I managed to get a good setup and feel for the car. I was not going to qualify to make the rolling start easier but then 4 minutes to go i could not resist so I had 1 lap and I did my personal best. I was leading for most of the race after livingdead's pitstop issues and should have won really but happy to get 3rd.

Yes you lead for most of the race but you had a quite of an accident on lap 70 which gave you some damage, talk us through what happend there and then till the end of the race!

On lap 70 I was behind @The Genius (some faff from Sweden) I came into the pit entry as normal but then suddenly the car rolled and was badly damaged. I think I clipped the grass. When the car stopped i tried franticly to get it back to the pits with one wheel missing. This took 2 to 3 minutes as I had to put it in 6th gear to move forward a bit then stop and repeat. I could not believe my luck but the race was so much fun ! was not annoyed at all. I then managed to pit and chase after Ben who was 50 seconds ahead with 18 laps to go. I took so many risks and passed him with 3 laps to go to salvage a podium.

You clearly have the pace this season but so does Livingdead, do you think you will be fighting for the win around Spa in a couple of weeks?

I think I will be fighting livingdead for the win in spa but also zephyr (@HoonigaN96) and @UrBaNz Octane x will be very quick. The laptimes during the race were close between me and livingdead and I think it will be the same at spa.

Thank you and good luck at Spa!

It was an eventful race as you can understand and to finish this off, here is the race in some numbers:

Pole Position: 1:40.881 by @TRL Axeman
Fastest lap: 1:40.456 by @thelivingdead69 AOR XBOX Lap Record

I will be back in a few weeks time for talking you through of what we can look forwards to at Spa!

See you soon!

The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
Race Preview Interview

Now on Tuesday we are going to the famous Spa track in Belgium. A race many drivers want to win but espacially one driver that will make his debut this season around this track, @UrBaNz Octane x.

Spa is going to be your first race of the season, are you excited?

I can't wait to get my season started off at spa, it would have been nice to start at Silverstone at my home track but it wasn't to be.

@thelivingdead69 and @TRL Axeman were very quick last time out at Silverstone will you be able to be at there pace?

I feel like I will be able to keep up with them on pace but it's still very uncertain whether I'll have the consistency over the whole race.

Some drivers have already made it clear that you are one to watch this season but do you think you can still win this season after missing the first race?

It's going to be very tough to win after missing the first round. All I can do is try and maximise my points and hope for the best. I'm sure some of the others will have a DNF at some point which will help me a lot.

You are still very young and are still in college so how do you handle being a top driver on AOR at the same time studies are very important for you?

It has been difficult over the past few weeks but by the time of the race I'll be fully focused on AOR again.

As usual you are going into this season with your team mate The Genius. He finished 5th last time out which may not been the result you would have hoped for in your abbsence, do you think you both can step up your game and take podiums in these races?

If he uses his faffy powers wisely to let him do the whole race with no stops then I'm sure we can get a podium. ;)

Will your team (Bremain For Sweden) be at the top of the standings at the end of the season?

Genius is basically 2013 Kimi so yes of course.

What do you think of the next race now then? Spa is a very iconic track which many drivers want to win, thoughts going into this race?

It would be great to get a win at spa, one of the most iconic tracks in the world for endurance racing. A win here is definitely on my bucket list. Especially after Spa season 4 in GT3.:shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty:

Yes thank you @UrBaNz Octane x! Good Luck on Tuesday!

Urbanz is experienced in diffrent leagues on AOR and is certainly very quick and will make for a good race there. Also last time out @thelivingdead69 did set the lap record around Silverstone in the LMP1 class, will he do it again Spa aswell or will @TRL Axeman stop him?

Good Luck Everyone!

The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
Spa Race Review With Podium Interviews

70 laps has passed of Spa. It was a demanding race for all drivers which ended with @UrBaNz Octane x on the top step on the podium after an incredible performance of consistent driving and well timed pitstops. We will now move over to our podium interviewer, @blizzardwizard.

A fine evening's sunset here at Spa, one of the world's most challenging tracks. If you're wondering where regular podium interviewer Genius is, he's dead. Anyway, more importantly, I have here today's top 3 finishers after a gruelling 70 lap LMP1 battle!

Well done on your first victory of the season! How were you so easily able to conquer such a challenging track in Spa, and do you think you'll be able to replicate this performance heading into the coming weeks?

I did a decent amount of practice for this and found a comfortable setup. I made a few mistakes in the first stint but after that I was able to get into a rhythm and maintain pace. The fuel saving in the last stint also helped me not make any mistakes at all.

What for you was arguably the key moment in the race that ensured you'd be standing on the top step of the podium as opposed to settling for runner-up?

It was definitely the 2 stop strategy. At the end of the second stint I realised if I saved around 0.15-0.20 litres per lap I could make it to the end. This did cost me about 2.5 seconds a lap and towards the end I started over-saving on fuel when I didn't need to, but the 1 minute gap I had from doing one less stop was enough to comfortably drive to the finish.

This championship battle could go right to the wire, and maximum points here has thrown you into the battle for the title, how will you approach the next few races, and can you win the title?

Missing the first round makes it a lot more challenging, all I can do is keep doing what I'm doing and try to maximise my points as much as I can. We'll see at the end of the season if it will be enough. I'm going to be on an all out attack for the rest of the season, especially Le Mans as I've heard Axeman is very strong there.

Thank you very much UrBaNz!

Finishing second after another strong performance we have @TRL Axeman!

Well done on a deserved second place, what were the key factors that ultimately prevented you from winning this race?

My original strategy was to complete three stops, but on lap 10 I realised that it might be possible to do complete only two stops. In the end, I bailed out and stuck to the plan. For most of the race I was within range of @UrBaNz Octane x, but he managed to save enough fuel to do a two stop, and that's what cost me a chance at the win. I also had a mid-race crisis on lap 46, making quite a few mistakes. However, in the last stint I pulled myself together and posted low 1 minute 57s for 20 laps. I went from 68 seconds behind 1st to 38 seconds at the end. Overall, I was happy with my pace, just need to minimise errors.

Having demonstrated your impressive endurance racing skills in the opening rounds, how confident are you of building on this result and shuffling up to the top step of the podium in the next round of Le Mans?

I am looking forward to Le Mans, as I'm very strong at the track and love racing around it.

It appears this Championship could be a dogfight between multiple drivers, what parts of your performance will you need to really improve to ensure you bag the championship trophy come the end of the season?

I just need to try not to push to hard and not create mistakes. I will focus on trying to keep in a rhythm for the whole race, which should give me a better chance at the win.

In third place, picking up his first podium of the season, it's @The Genius!

After a strong qualifying, you were able to translate your obvious speed into a top three finish, did your consistency surprise you at all, and how will you hope to build on this result heading into Le Mans?

It is not really a surprise since I am usually quite consistent, also in terms of save tyres which I only pitted once for on lap 46 for an other set of softs. The chock for me was my qualifying pace though. Going into Le Mans I just hope I can be on the podium again and that my team mate Adam (@UrBaNz Octane x) scores good points again!

With large gaps opening up between the car in front and the car behind you, how difficult was it to remain focused throughout such a gruelling race despite having no immediate pressure on track?

After the start when @AOR Benjamin overtook me due to his very good ERS in the Toyota was really my only battle which after I overtook him again became a very lonely race for me as you said but focus was never an issue. Only did one mistake in the entire race which saw me off track so that is a positive. Other than that I saw it as my job aswell to be a good team mate after coming out of my pit stop because I had Axeman right behind me then so I tried to hold him up to let Adam get away easier. But yes, lonely race but keeping focus was easy.

Yourself and Urban Octanez look like the team to beat even at this early stage of the Championship, what are you looking to achieve in the remaining races, and can you improve your speed enough to have a shot at the title?

In terms of driver's title I doubt it but for team championship we can definitely win. Obviously a lot can happen in these long races but we have speed and I think strategy can take us a long way. Winning the team championship is obviously the goal and we will achieve!

Thank you everyone! Back to the studio and the race report with the lap records.

Thank you Seb! Yes the race saw @UrBaNz Octane x
start from pole position after a qualifying time of 1:56.526 (AOR Pole Record in LMP1 class, PCARS). @TRL Axeman started P2 after being 0.516 seconds off. The winner of the last round @thelivingdead69 was 5th after a disappointing qualifying a whole 2,1 seconds off Adam.

After the start of the race it was clear that the Toyota once again is very good at the start! @AOR Benjamin had a very good start which saw him pick up a few positions up to 3rd which Genius later could fight back to get. But at that time we had the two leaders long gone.

Strategy played a major part of this race as we heard the the drivers on the podium talk about and in the end the 2 stop was a winning strategy with some fuel saving. The track also manage to cause some DNFs due to its great challenge but that is the beauty of endurance racing, espacially around Spa.

In terms of fastest lap of the race it was a 1:56.359 by Adam who takes the AOR Lap Record in the LMP1 class!

See you all next time! Seb, take us away!

That's it for next week, the Championship travels to the famed home of endurance racing, Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans!
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