PS3 - F1 Thursday - Round 9 - British GP - 22/01/15 - 8.00 pm |

PS3 - F1 Thursday - Round 9 - British GP - 22/01/15 - 8.00 pm


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 16, 2014
Thx Indrek, thought the best i could hope for today was a podium.
First win in F1 feels great, never would have thought it was possible before the season :)

One stop gave me the win, gave me clean air for the primestint.
Was fighting with Gazer the whole race, was great fun. Seems like we had same pace.
Pitted on lap 10 for primes, was a few laps to early but it got me ahed of Gazer who pitted 2-3 laps later.
Kept a 3 second gap to Gaz until the last few laps when my tires fell off.

Oh..and a very nice start by Jake. Who needs qualifying when you have a nos-button on your pad haha.
Nice going on the win there matey, Was pretty close racing between us, always within so many seconds of each other till you pitted, Didn't have drs till right at the end but was to late to try and do anything with it,

Pretty happy with my Quali tbf, Maybe could of got tenth or two more for sure but straight out the box really cant complain,

Had a dodgy start to the race, come thick and fast... lost a place or two believe, but managed to make some back up,

Once got into some clear air was just trying to get far enough to make the 1 stop work well, maybe could of pitted 1 lap earlier than i did but was thinking of tyres for end of the race,

In the end with few incidents behind paid off and come away with 2nd place,

And cheers @kieron makes a change don't it, ;)
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Formula 4 1st Driver
Jun 22, 2014
I have only one word for my race : RIDICULOUS [emoji107] [emoji107] [emoji107] I drove like an Rookie.


F1 Sponsored Driver
Oct 17, 2014
I think I must have been lagging mate, I say this because when I went off in S2 lap 2 I felt a tap, even though on your screen you didn't touch me. A similar thing happened to Liam who "hit" me too even though it was lag, so I don't know what went on because I never normally have these issues


Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 11, 2014
I like to apologize Indrek because of the incident. It was my fault. I tried to overtake you because i wanted that podium on a very difficult race.
I finished 5th and thanks
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Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
Quali could have been better but my race wasn't too bad. I went for a untested strategy of prime,option,option that I saw Kieron use in practice ;) which made for a interesting race.

Just lost out by a nose for 5th to Drez at end :mad:

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GP2 Reserve Driver
Feb 16, 2014
Q: 11th. could've been better as usual
R: 7th. had a good start. gained a few places and had a nice battle with gunnergamble. pitted lap 9 for primes and again lap15 for options. was under pressure of prehn the last laps but managed to hold him off for 7th


Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
Q: 12th. As this is one of my worst track I was happy to only be 1 sec. behind pole. I forgot to record the first part of qualifying. I had a purple sector 1, but had to abort it due to a corner cut.

R: 8th. Not much to say. No where near as exciting as Austria. Last few laps were the best when I caught MoNsteR, but couldn't get past. Was within a second of 5th.