PS3 F3 - Round 5: Spanish Grand Prix [25/05/2014 - 7:45PM BST] |

PS3 F3 - Round 5: Spanish Grand Prix [25/05/2014 - 7:45PM BST]


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 24, 2014

Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix
Season 8

Race Information:

Date: Sun 25th May 2014
Time: 7:45pm (UK time)
Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya

If you are unable to attend the race, PLEASE advise your League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread.

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Track Guide:


Pole Position:

NERVO_Rampage15 - 1:17.890

Race Winner:

NERVO_Rampage15 - 45:51.256

Fastest Lap:

Cal515 - 1:19.352


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 15, 2014
This seems hit or miss to me as I have plans for Sunday and don't know whether I'll be going home


4 Time AOR Project Cars 1 Champion
Mar 29, 2014
Qualy - 4th

Had managed to do a 1.18.3 on primes earlier in the day but with 100% wet for qualy (Even though it never rained) the best i could do was a 1.18.630 only 0.028 behind my team-mate.

Race - 3rd

With a 95% chance of rain for the race i presumed everyone would think this race would start wet, but it didn't and off the line i got a pretty decent start along with my team-mate who passed FTR_Sakis into turn 1 and i tried to get past him around the outside into turn 3 but he run me off a little so i backed out of it, not much happened until turn 1 on lap 3 where my team-mate got caught out by Sakis's acceleration and spun off taking out Elite_Meanbean. Pitted lap 5 even though the rain started falling and surprisingly some people had set there best qualy laps on primes so they were leading at this time in the race. But then the heavens opened and when i eventually pitted for inters i was now 8th behind Cal and f1maniac. I had tried a few times to pass maniac in between a couple of laps and eventually i got him going through the last corner and then he seemed to hit my sidepod and go off into the gravel and now it was a race between me and Cal. I was catching him at over a second per lap and managed to get past him into turn 1 on lap 14? and i was now 5th, but then Escavadu who started on primes locked up into turn 10 handing me 4th, Cal pitted on the right lap for Wets and when i eventually put them on i was around 3 seconds behind again. At the end of the first stint on full wets i had caught Cal and through turn 10 he got onto the kerb and span across into me and i had nowhere to go, that cost us both around 10 seconds but he pitted at the end of that lap and in turn gave him back the lead and after i pitted i struggled to get past shark but he was clean and i was now up into 3rd. My engineer came on the radio with around 10 laps left saying others are fitting inters so i thought about it then Cal pitted and i thought he was putting the inters on so i did half my lap and noticed it was not intermediate weather so i tried going to the end but the rears gave up and i pitted with around 4 laps to go and in the end finished 12 seconds behind Cal, and finally no DNF :).

Nervo is just OP ATM someone stop him!!!


? PS4 S1 Touring Cars Elite Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Sorry I wasnt there tonight guys, ended up at last minute BBQ and had no internet coverage, to let you I weren't coming.


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 24, 2014
Some good racing last night guys from what i saw, well done, cal, i got onto the wet astroturf coming into the last corner and lit up the rears hence i oversteered and hit you slightly, hopefully it didn't wreck your race. Loved the changing conditions last night, I want more of that this season! Gaining 5 places in the race is a definate confidence booster, see you in monaco (best track ever!)


Jan 20, 2014
Me and Sakis decided to test out the 3 empty cars after being told we were allowed to swap from the Lotus if we wanted. This meant i didn't get my normal routine of practice in so I was quite far off the pace in quali. Good race though, got every tyre call spot on which was the advantage i needed as i had no pace through the last sector in the wet. Good battles with people as well with pretty much all of it being clean. [MENTION=407]f1maniac[/MENTION] i dont even remember you hitting me so it cant have been that bad? [MENTION=628]iSuperScrub[/MENTION] dont worry about it mate, there was a car running wide in front of me which got me a bit distracted. That put me on the astro so i spun into you, wasn't your fault just wrong place wrong time


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Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Q:9th..... R:9th..... Times were tight again in quali, not much more than a tenth between 5/6 of us, ending up 9th wasn't great but saved some tyres in case of dry weather. Race start was good, made a few places in the first couple of corners and joined the train for a few laps until the pitstops started. The rain was due to start soon so I stayed out on the options and made them last until changing to inters. Definitely the right decision as I was now clear in 2nd. Then the rain happened for real and the wets went on, still holding the 2nd spot, not losing too much time to nervo and keeping the gap to coaches until the next stop. This is where it all went wrong, the pit crew put me on primes....!!!????#%€$¥! I went off on nearly every corner trying to make it back to the pits, watched as everyone went passed and had some playtime in the sand! 2 1/2 minutes lost, race over, pit crew sacked, teddy thrown from pram and team radio switched off! Got back onto wets and then another set with 6/7 laps to go and just managed to get sakis on the last lap who had gone to inters and finished 9th. Had a good fun race in the conditions just unfortunate with the tyres. Well done to the podium finishers, see you all next week.


3-time AOR PS4 F1 Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Hello guys, here's my race report from last Sunday race: This season my pole laps are not quite good as I'm used to do, and I always am 2-3 tenths off my pb, anyways, after a mistake in lap 1 did a 17.7 on second one, setting the pole with sakis behind. Race: Good start and Italianblu almost touch me as he did in Malaysia but that time I keep first on first corner, be careful next time pls. Pitted and put hard ones instead of soft cos rain was coming in a while so I got wrong but was ok. I don't remind exactly in what position I was. After that, and with the rain I overtake some drivers and I start to get away from them, since this I lead during the whole laps till the end with rain still around. Quite slippery corners in last sector, almost crash one time but I save how I could lol. Not my fav track for me but not a bad one. So happy with the win, lot of distance, and without some battles on first laps, last I was completely alone overlapping guys. On dry could have been different due to strategy and tires. Congrats for the finishers on podium and see you all in Monaco. DAT walls hehe


Formula 4 Test Driver
Jan 14, 2014
QUALIFYING: I managed an o lap which was enough to put me in 2nd place. Happy for that! The time was with options (1.18.1)

RACE: In 1st corner i lost 1 place but i managed to get it this race i succeded to make the BADDEST STRATEGY EVER! All my pits was the wrong time.....or too late or too early....really this killed my race...i was straggling a lot out there with the car....many times i was with the wrong tyre....really dissapointed about the 10th place...i believed that i was able for the podium once again.....but thats lets go to MONACO to see there what will happen there.....also i want to tell me philipdering what was this about?????


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Premium Member
Jan 15, 2014
Thats something completely different from what i thought happened there.
As i was struggling to stay on the black i looked back a lot to stay out of the way due to 11 faster cars on the track.LOL I saw you coming out of the turn and decided, maybe a little late, to go left on the track.I was to slow anyway and figured it would be more easy for you to going into the next turn from the rightline.The moment i looked back to see where you were at that time, you were approaching me also on the leftline. Only this time almost hitting me and making a swift right to avoid me. You also passed me on my right and not on the left as on your screen. Weird.!! Just a "stupid" incident i guess. Sorry M8. Had no intention to and dont know if lag has something to do with this. Had on that same part of the track a moment i got hit from the back, spun and damaged my frontwing without hitting anything at the front????
Other thing about this race.Q12 R:12 Glad you guys lapped me several times. Saved me for doin another 3 laps.
Congrats to all of you.!! great pace and very good driving.