PS3 F3 (Sunday) - Round 16 - Indian Grand Prix [09/03/14 - 7:30pm UK Time] |

PS3 F3 (Sunday) - Round 16 - Indian Grand Prix [09/03/14 - 7:30pm UK Time]


Jan 14, 2014
Q-DNQ Ruined my lap at the T5,6,7 chicane

R-2nd Podium, Great race for me. Decent pace throughout and no major mistakes. Held Philip behind me until finally cracked under pressure and passed Blake on the final lap so happy with my race.

Time for the Next Race.

Congrats on the WDC Philip, Well Deserved

James Thorpe

F1 Triple Champion
Jan 19, 2014
Well what can i say? Q-2nd not bad only 0.2s of pole position.
Race - Well :( After the first lap i spent quite a while facing backwards on the track and lost almost 30s i think. Congrats to Phillip on Drivers championship. Don't think that me and Owen can stop you from winning the constructors as well.

Had to push like hell the entire race, still did not seem to work on the 3 stopper with consideration of a 4 stopper. Mu PoV will be uploaded soon i hope. Part 1 should already be up i think. Take a look if you like, not much to see really. Sorry about the quality 360p. But i recorded in 1080p and it looks much better on my screen before upload.