PS3 F3 (Sunday) - Season 7 Stats and Records |

PS3 F3 (Sunday) - Season 7 Stats and Records


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Jan 14, 2014
Season 7 - Statistics and Records Thread

Here's the normal thread I start just before / after the Brazilian Grand Prix, containing some statistics and records from throughout the season. It's a bit of fun and nice to look back and see who's won what. So, enjoy! Oh, and this will be updated after Brazil this weekend for a final look. [HR][/HR]

Overall Records

Number One - Drivers Champion - Philip
Number Two - 2nd place - iPro x Owen
Number Three - 3rd place - AERO_Blake
It's A Team Effort - Constructors Champions
- Williams [HR][/HR]
General Records

Grip Hack - Most wins - Keeno94 (5) :-D

Satisfied with champagne - Most 2nd places - Philip & Sharky (3):thumbup:

3rd place is fine. I guess... - Most 3rd places - Philip (5) :mellow:

I Can Smell The Podium - Most 4th places - AERO_Blake (5) :glare:

Master of the Rostrum - Most Podiums - Philip & iPro x Owen (10) :-D

Nerves? What are They? - Most Pole Positions - James Thorpe (5) :-D

Time Trial God - Most fastest laps - AERO_Blake (5) :)

The Unwanted Record - Most Times lapped - Eff One Atx (13) :crying:

Crash Test Dummy - Most DNFs - :mad:

Work To Do - Highest Average Net Quali / Race Positions Gained - AlphaDelta (2.0) :laugh:

No Points For Quali - Highest Average Net Quali / Race Positions Lost - Stefuy (5.9) :sad:

Multi 21 - Most times finishing ahead of teammate - AlphaDelta (12) :tongue:

Codies' Are The Public Enemy - Most disconnections - xGATECRASHERx (4) :mad:

Are you keeping count? - Most laps completed - Philip (569) :razz:

Teachers Pet - Most races attended - Philip, AlphaDelta, xGATECRASHERx (19) :thumbsup:

Detention For You - Least No. Of Races Attended - LuRedd, iMads (0) :thumbdn:

Consistently Consistent - Most Races Finished - Philip (19) :rolleyes:

Let's Party Together - No. of Different Winners - 7 (Philip, iPro x Owen, Blake, Keeno, James Thorpe, aarava, FusionMan)

- No. Of Different Polesitters - 8 (Sharky, FusionMan, Keeno, Philip, iPro x Owen, Blake, aarava, James Thorpe)

Point Collector - Highest Average Points Per Race - Philip (14.3) :-D

C'mere You - Closest Drivers - Sharky & James Thorpe (2 pts) :unsure:

Like Brothers - Closest Teammates - Sharky & aarava (14 pts) :unsure:

Rivals - Closest Manufacturers - Force India & Toro Rosso (10 pts) :unsure:

Split-second - Closest Qualifying Margin - AERO_Blake over Philip (0.003 @ Japan):bored:

Pipped to the line - Closest Race Winning Margin - AERO_Blake over iPro x Owen (0.310 @ United States) :bored:

Not Even Trying - Highest Qualifying Margin - Sharky over iPro x Owen (0.784 @ Germany) :laugh:

Lights to flag - Highest Race Winning Margin - iPro x Owen over AERO_Blake (51.763 @ Monaco) :laugh:
Famous Venues

In front of her majesty - Win at Silverstone - Keeno94

In front of the Tifosi - Win at Monza - Philip

Master of the Walls - Win at Monte Carlo - iPro x Owen

Lovable Rouge - Win at Spa - aarava

Master Of Europe - Most accumulated points from races in Europe - iPro x Owen (101 pts)

Master of Asia - Most accumulated points from races in Asia - Philip (121 pts)

Master Of America - Most accumulated points from races in America (Nth&Sth) - iPro x Owen (33 pts)

Mute your Mic - Most expletives in a season - iPro x Owen :cursing:

Stay Your Distance - Driver most likely to cause a crash - iPro x Owen :mad:

Cillit Bang - Cleanest Driver - Pretty much everyone :thumbup:

Hardest Driver to Pass - Philip or Eff One Atx :(

Hardest Driver to Defend Against - Drag Reduction System :thumbdn:
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Jan 15, 2014
Ah, Nice job there Alpha. S7 in a nutshell. Loved every minut driving with you guys. Fair ,respectfull and most of all;Clean.
Was a bit quiet on the forum after the restart, but still very enjoyable and worth checking every day.
Forgive me my inconsistant driving last night. Have bin a very busy week, incl the weekend and just made it in time to join the lobby.
Havent bin driving for 5 days so my pace was a bit gone. Did have a good race though!
Dont know whats gonna happen in the new season, but hoping to catch a few of you in the other league.
Hope we can stay in touch even when we are driving in different leagues.
C you all soon. 4 Sure.!!!


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Jan 14, 2014
Ahaha this is awesome! :p Hope next season I can make more of an impact, obviously wasn't able to coming half way in after the ARL/AOR split, so looking forward to staying in one split for a whole season!


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Jan 13, 2014
It ain't my fault, you can't do wheel to wheel racing on a regular basis in 2013.