PS3 F5 (Sunday) - Round 14 - Japanese Grand Prix [17/08/2014 - 7:30pm UK time] |

PS3 F5 (Sunday) - Round 14 - Japanese Grand Prix [17/08/2014 - 7:30pm UK time]

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Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
That was a nice race for me obviously. But most of it was pretty dull. Just concentrated on keeping my tyres and pace once I was in 1st, didn't make a single mistake so v happy. Seemingly from what I've read above, ppl had some bad luck and mistakes so couldn't catch up. First 3 laps were crazy, lap 1 v close in sector 1 and then start of 2, James & Kieran had their issues, was so close to hitting Kieran on my screen, just made it through with Lorrentz. Then just waited, he made a mistake into Spoon and I took 1st. And the rest is pretty dull. But happy to have a 100% Win record in Japan in my time in AOR :D Last season and now this! Cya next race guys, I am sure I will be nowhere near as competitive, compared to Japan where I knew I could fight for the win here going into the race.


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Jan 29, 2014
Worst race I've ever had in AOR and some of my worst driving as well today, I apologize to anyone I affected
but all I know I was freight trained by two cars right off the track..... I think it was Jimbob and EffOne but oh well
atleast I ended up ahead of Effy....(with no penatites all day) !