PS3 F5 (Sunday) - Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [01/06/14 - 7:30pm UK Time] |

PS3 F5 (Sunday) - Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [01/06/14 - 7:30pm UK Time] R

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Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Jan 29, 2014
Phew! Did I dodge a bullet or two today
Started 7th and finished 8th for 4 much needed points....
I don't know what happened between me and you GateCrasher but I don't know if should apologize or not
I pulled over to the wall to let you by and you just followed me right into the wall and got your car stalled out a bit
(How did you wreck your car though ?) I know you wrecked it after that.... I almost lost it on the last two laps of the race on badly worn tires
It was like I was driving on ice out there....

Congrats to the winners and also to a great drive by EffOne_ATX, nice racing man
and also, sorry to see you go willou

Enjoy the race break (I had alot of fun today)

Really tough to watch what happened to gusxandi out there today
He Snapped his wheel right off
sorry man


F1 Test Driver
Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
wow what a race this was.....really didn't expect to be up front....I might could have done a 3rd in Q but was very happy with 4th...I really need to look back at my footage since soooooo much happened over loose soo much time when you are in battle with someone.....

made a good decision to stop again under safety car but made a very bad one to take another set of option tyres after that :( I needed to make an extra pitstop 4 laps before the end....fortunately Alpha also needed another stop so I could still take 4th place in the race... Very happy with the results since I am going to miss out on Silverstone...but I will be back in front @ Germany..

@Alpha Sorry m8 for the collision at the chicane...totally my fault :( good to see you could just carry on...I lost a lot of time with that stupid action because Gus was ALL over me....and my laptimes where very very poor in that battle...but well on fresh tyres I was able to set the fastest lap of the race ;-) So I've put myself into the books LOL

Great racing all of you guys!


Pro Karter
Jan 23, 2014
it's so frustrating, i was going to finish in 4th place, na then just after the chicane after the tunnel, in the end of the turn, i touch a bit by the side of the wall and my front wing and tyre broke LIKE A TOY. it's ridiculous codemaster, i don't even touch my front wing in the wall for broke like that.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Premium Member
Jan 15, 2014
Q-6th wtf?? Lol race- 9th (dnf) well got away Ok lost a position to Eddie and was doing Ok. Just didn't have the pace or confidence to push hard here. Lap 37 heading through the tunnel, past the chicane and onto the straight before the left hander I'm in the middle of the track and hit something that was invisible and destroyed my car. Well done Codemasters for that. Still in shock now. Can't believe it. Well done sharky, aarava and Jim for your podium finishes. Enjoy your break next week and see you all at Canada in 2 weeks time.


Junior Karter
Apr 9, 2014
Well i didnt expect to get points from this race.... as i didnt even have the time to practice, my first lap around the track was on the quallie....

i went to a slow setup and try just to run around the track to finish and if i was lucky to get some points....

I wasnt even battling for position let both Shedboy and Gate pass me under the tunnel....

By the looks of it i may had got a 10th place if i was able to finish....

Decided to go for 2 pit stop strategy with Option Prime Option

After my first stint i was already in front of Eddie and Willo having the second one 13seconds behind me....

Went into pits at 11th lap (made my cross as a good orthodox cristian for being able to survive 11 laps with no dmg at all and not hitting anyone)

My pit crew were changing my tyres like Vienna's Orchestra.... The lolipop man turned the sign, got 1st gear, and lauched as soon as my car hit the ground. Going to the pits with the limit speed, changing mix to normals, as i run the first stint in lean, ready to get some good times and close the gap if i could....

Almost out of pits, my finger was on the limiter ready to disengage it, closed the helmet as i was ready to rejoin the ra....BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

Everything went black!!!! Woke up at the hospital of Monaco having survived was a pure miracle!!!!

I have to say something to Willo.... M8 if u decide to leave cause of this incident it will be stupid.... Please re-think it.... I cant say that you are the best here but you compete well at the middle of the pack...

So plz rethink and i am making an open offer to come join my team cause my teammate hasnt given any signs of racing at all, well if Alpha_Delta allows this....

Hope to see you again in two weeks!!!!

See ya guys!!!!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 14, 2014
Would anyone care to post a rough copy of the results for the benefit of those of us who could not attend.