PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 15 - Japanese Grand Prix - Sunday 2nd March |

PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 15 - Japanese Grand Prix - Sunday 2nd March


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014

Round 15 - Japanese Grand Prix
Season 7

Race Information:

Date: Sun 2nd March 2014
Time: 8:00pm GMT
Circuit: Suzuka Circuit

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*Credit to Yorkie065*

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If you are unable to attend the race PLEASE advise your league coordinator and leave a post in this thread.

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F1 Reserve Driver
Jan 26, 2014
Sorry, but I can't make it this weekend! I am helping my mum move house so no ps3 available. See you next week!


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014
Outcome from Korea turn 1 stewards enquiry:

"The stewards have decided that Msvance23 (MV_United1) is at fault fot hitting Banana88x going into the first corner, causing Banana to spin and lose his wing. As he admits himself, it was an honest mistake, but obviously this shouldn't happen in league racing.

As he did not finish this race, Msvance will be awarded a grid penalty for the next race he attends. This means that for the next race, he will remain in the garage for the whole of qualifying and thus start the race from last place.

We appreciate the honesty shown to help us in this matter. Case closed."


Pro Karter
Jan 16, 2014
won't be able to take part because it's a national holiday. good luck in suzuka


Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Quali:1st---- Race:dsc---- Just managed to take the pole from coaches right at the end, was very close. ---- A good start and got away into the lead, held on through the pitstops and managed to build a 5 second gap to banana who was pushing hard and putting pressure on me the whole time. Got to lap 20/21 after the final stop and then got a sudden disconnect. Total nightmare!! Maybe the mclaren server went down as the same fate happened to coaches. Anyone else have this issue or did you all finish?? Gutted!


Jan 19, 2014
Q: 4.
R: 1.

Close Quali... for myself I had a very good time on the board but it was still only 4th fastest, well done guys!

At the start I could manage to hold P4 and earned P3 after an mistake by the Sauber just before the tunnel.
After Escavudu pitted in Lap3, coaches had a mistake and spun, meaning that Escavudu and me were fighting for the win.

Our pace was almost the same, after two stints he was just 5secs in front of me but I couldnt catch him up.
Very very unfortunately the McLaren guys had a disconnect that gave me my first win in this league.
Feel very sorry :(

Thank you for the nice race and see you in India!

PS: If you need video evidence just tell me! I recorded the race...


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 23, 2014

It was a very close qualifying like banana said, I was less than 1 second from pole and i get only 7th place, it means that 8 cars separeted by 1 second, it is really good. I have a good start but afraid to be in a colision in the start i made a very safety 1st conner so i was still in 7th place i think, than still in the first lap 3 cars made a mistake in the corner of the tunnel and i get the 4th place. Then coaches spun and i get the 3rd place, but in the middle of the race coaches was only 4 seconds behind then he disconnected and escavudu too, and i finished in 2nd place and get my first podium.

Sorry for the McLaren guys.

A bit of Lucky but this is part of a driver life :).


F1 Test Driver
Jan 29, 2014
Hung back on race start going into turn 1 and seen a few guys starting to go off track, made it through and ended up behind MeanBean,
as we approached the hairpin i was coming in behind him and he checked up a little bit much and i got into the back of him barely causing both of us to spin
Got going again and hung back to try and get my bearings again.... Around lap 14 I think, I punctured my left front tire (completly Flat) nursed it to the pits
and got some fresh rubber... Got back onto track and found my pace again and was actually starting to stay consistent... Due to one driver wrecking their car
and two other disconnects (same thing happened to me last week in Korea) .... I was able to finish the race and take 2 points with a 9th place (dodged a bullet this week I guess)
Good race guys.... see you in India ! (I want to sincerely apologize to MeanBean) you know that was not intentional, So sorry bud !!!!
I recorded the 1st 12 laps of the race if anyone needs to see the race start and up to lap 12


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014
Pretty good race after the mess at Degner 2 and Hairpin. Not sure what happened with other guys but I just went off by myself. Seemed to settle down after that though. Unlucky to the Mclarens for their disconnections. I could have maybe nicked a podium had my first lap not been terrible. Mind you I'm sure there's a few others who are in the same position.

See you next week for India guys.