PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 18 - United States Grand Prix - Sunday 23rd March |

PS3 GP2 Sunday - Round 18 - United States Grand Prix - Sunday 23rd March


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014

Round 18 - United States Grand Prix
Season 7

Race Information:

Date: Sun 23rd March 2014
Time: 8:00pm GMT
Circuit: Circuit of the Americas

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*Credit to Yorkie065*

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If you are unable to attend the race PLEASE advise your league coordinator and leave a post in this thread.

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Feb 1, 2014
I'll will be absent this sunday, I'm invited with friends to watch the classico (Real Madrid - FC Barcelona).
Too bad, because Austin is by far my favorite track on the game...


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Jan 27, 2014
Hello everyone, I'm now racing on PC Split 1, thanks for this half season, appreciate it, thanks for everything, good luck everyone, see you later guys!


Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 13, 2014
I am back tonight sorry about last weekend was in Ireland and forgot to tell you guys Will host as usual


Feb 20, 2014
Q:2nd went out on primes did a 1.36.0 was a half decent lap no my best tho

R:2nd was a good race with coaches at the start nd Escavudu most of the race... stayed out too long on primes at the start lost bit of time so went for options caught Esc up in a few laps and battled all the way until the 2nd pit stop lap 19 went for primes came out then we had another great battle between us i was giving it all i had to try and pull away but wasnt happening until Esc made a mistake gave me 2sec gap to hold but he was creeping his way back slowly last few laps thought he was gona have me on the last lap but kept it on track and kept 2nd place just lol great racing Escavudu was good blast enjoyed it, well done coaches on the win mate.. See ya's in practice or race next week
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Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Q: 1st---- R: 3rd---- Made a good lap in quali, I think the fastest I've been online so was happy and retired after second run as I knew I couldn't go quicker. ---- Race got off to a good start just heading meanbean and coaches into turn 1. Led the race for a few laps and started to gap the others a little, until beans primes warmed up and started to catch up pretty quickly. We had a small gap over coaches and bean went for the pass, in my late brake attempt to hold on I hit neutral under braking and ran wide almost allowing coaches to capitalise, but just held on. Bean gapped us until me and coaches pitted. New tyres for me and coaches, coaches now leading, we started to claw back some time on bean who was still out on now worn primes. Coaches a couple of seconds ahead, maintaining the gap, but bean was now on new rubber and started reeling us in. Meanbean caught me after a few laps and the epic battle begun, I held off for a few attempts, but the fresh options just had the edge. Places swapped a few times, very close and good racing, neither accepting defeat. Our close battling continued to the flag, with never more than a few seconds or a few inches to separate, meanwhile coaches had some room to breath and strolled to a good win, unfazed by what was going on behind him. Good racing again this week, hopefully we'll get a few more for the last one in Brazil!


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Jan 29, 2014
sorry I couldn't make it guys, sounds like it was a great race
See you in practice and on raceday Sunday.... Thank you guys for a great season and am looking forward to next season, Hopefully I can stay in GP2 and keep learning
You guys are the best, see you Sunday