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PS3 - Season 8 - League Announcement

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Jan 14, 2014
PS3 F1 Leagues - Season 8 Announcement

So, after what was a bit unusual Season 7 - due to the whole website swap situation - we go back to normal for Season 8! We hope that this will be another good season and that we can carry on the very competitive nature of the leagues that we saw in the second half of Season 7.

F1 2013 has now been out for 6 months, meaning that we should all be used to how the game plays by now. The game has many good aspects, but it's obviously not perfect either. Corner cutting boundaries aren't great, auto-spin kerbs can instantly murder you at certain tracks, and connection issues can still cause some difficulties when racing in close proximity. Throughout a season I tend to see quite a few comments of people moaning at the game, which is understandable in moments of frustration, please just make sure that you're aware of the potential frustrations and accept that they may end up affecting you at times. At the same time, we know that great racing can be had if we make the best of what we've got. If you're going to sign up, make sure that you're happy to play the game for 5 further months going forward, and that you'll be able to race until the end of the season - I'd like as few mid-season drop-outs as at all possible.


Some parts of the rules have been changes or reworded ahead of Season 8, so please make sure you read through the League Rules and League Info threads if you're going to race this season. Mainly, we'll continue on with the same format as previously, but some of the changes are mentioned below.

Calendar changes - Canada removed:

Canada will not be included in the calendar for Season 8 as this proved to be the main troublesome track with regards to corner cutting last season, where several drivers ended up disqualified, and we simply can't be bothered with that situation again. We understand that there are certain other tracks that could be put under the same category as well, but we didn't want to make too many sacrifices, and Canada was the track that came out worst based on last season.

Tier System:

After running with two F1 leagues in Season 7, we have opted to revert to the traditional structure of one F1 league for Season 8 which will be run on Thursdays. Whilst we appreciate that some very quick drivers will miss out on F1 as they can only compete on Sundays, we believe that the revised structure will provide the most competitive racing for the entire league.

Beyond F1, we are pleased to have sufficient interest to run two further leagues on both Thursday and Sunday. These leagues will be divided into equal tiers, with GP2 on Thursday and F3 on Sunday being broadly equivalent, and F4 on Thursday and F5 on Sunday being likewise. The main difference between the tiers relate to the Assists which are allowed.


The assist restrictions for Season 8 will be different to what we started with for Season 7. However, it is still the case that to drive in our leagues, you need to be able to drive without TC & ABS. If we get a lot of interest from drivers who are dependant on TC, this may change, but that's how it is for now.

Taking onboard feedback from the community, F1, GP2 and F3 are to be No Assist leagues. Meanwhile, F4 and F5 have the Gearbox and Driving Line Assists as optional. Please note however that come the end of the season, drivers will not be able to decline promotion on the grounds that a higher league does not permit a required assist. If you are quick enough to earn promotion from a lower league, you are quick enough to learn to drive without an assist.

Penalty points system:

Instead of the 'strike system' which really only got used for keeping track of people's uninformed no-shows, we'll be introducing a new 'penalty points system' for Season 8. This system allows us to keep track of all of people's misconduct in one place, and it works in a way that repeat offenders are penalised harsher. If you accumulate too many penalty points over a season, your league position will be put under review which may see you removed from the league. So basically, follow the rules and you shouldn't have any problems

The full penalty points overview, as well as an overview of potential stewards penalties, can be found here.

Other things to note:

Just pointing out a few of the rule paragraphs that have been reworded since last season...
● Stay within the white line when entering and exiting the pit lane. If you cause a dangerous situation by crossing the pit entrance or exit line, or if this is done in a major way in order to gain time, you will be penalised.
Pit-stop rule now also includes the pit entrance...
● Stay within the white line when entering and exiting the pit lane. If you cause a dangerous situation by crossing the pit entrance or exit line, or if this is done in a major way in order to gain time, you will be penalised.
Rage-quitting rule reworded...
● Deliberately quitting the race in any way - whether that is by quitting through the pause menu, getting yourself disqualified or deliberately crashing your car - is not allowed, unless you have a very good reason to do so. Accepted reasons for quitting could be that you are a danger to other drivers on track due to poor driving or connection issues, or that you are so far behind that it's obvious that you won't be racing anyone for the rest of the race, but ideally we want all drivers to stay in the race until the end. Quitting due to being angry at something - rage-quitting, in other words - is not a good reason.
Please note this paragraph on connections...
Connection & Lag:
● It's an unfortunate aspect of online racing that having a stable connection can be critical to being able to race closely with other cars. While we understand that not everyone can have perfect connections, and that occasional lag can't be avoided, we reserve the right to ask a driver to step down from the league if their connection is causing too many issues for other drivers.
Just a reminder about the no-showing rules...
● If you are unable to attend a race, you have to give notice for your absence before the race starts. This is done by informing your League Coordinator of your situation, either by sending him a private message or by making a post in the official race thread. It is your responsibility to make sure the Coordinator gets your message.
● When informing the Coordinator of your absence, a proper reason must be given for why you can't attend. No-showing a race because you don't like the track, simply saying 'I can't race this week', or other similar reasons are not accepted and will be marked as an uninformed absence.
● If you get marked for 3 uninformed absences throughout a season, whether this is consecutive or not, you may be removed from the league and not allowed to rejoin.

PS3 Season 8 Links

League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar
Sign Up

Thanks for reading this post, and I wish you all the best of luck as we compete for another season of clean and competitive racing!
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Jan 13, 2014
Is there any news regarding S9 ? I don't think too many people will buy F1 2014....since it's more or less the same as F1 2013 besides from some new car livery engine sounds and ERS for 33 seconds and some new tracks....I guess most people will wait for F1 2015 on next gen consoles....

So any news on S9? is it an option that S9 will run on the same platform again with F1 2013???


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Jan 13, 2014
At this moment in time we plan to run 2014, but a thread will go up at the end of the season to see who's interested etc


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Jul 20, 2014
I would like to participate in S9 with F1 2014... I still haven't particpated in any AOR league, but I would be very interested to do so,