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Moved PS4 A1 - Penalty Removal

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Jul 16, 2018
Platform + League: PS4 A1
League Coordinator: @Tremenator
Date: 29/03/2020
Members Involved: Just me
Description: probably won't affect the race outcome but can I get the 5 second penalty removed. It was the last corner of the last lap and a car was parked on the apex. I saw it quite late and swerved to avoid it which caused me to corner cut with the game giving me a 5 second penalty. The car had actually ghosted so I needn't have swerved but I didn't know that at the time. I have my race director if needed?


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Sep 24, 2018
@tomo8 can you provide your race director if it's available? It just makes the process a little easier. I'll move this to the stewards once you upload it.

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Jan 25, 2014
After viewing the evidence provided, the stewards have decided that @tomo8 was taking avoiding action from a potential collision ahead and view the 5 second penalty awarded for missing the chicane as unfair.

We will therefore be removing the 5 second penalty awarded by the game for this incident.

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