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PS4 PS4 A2 - What to do ?

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Platform + League: PS4 A2
League Coordinator: @NXGN_EnvoyXtreme
Date: 04/10/2020
Members Involved: Myself and @londonguga

First of all I would like to apologize for my coarse language, I am not trying to offend anyone.

On the second lap of the restart of the SC, I find myself 3rd and get hit from behind in an unlikely place, I do not know where the driver wanted to go but obviously nowhere except in my rear end.
This collision cost me my wing and a race totally ruined.



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Hi @_Uniko and @NXGN_EnvoyXtreme , here is the video of the incident.
Since I already apologized for the incident I take this opportunity to explain my thoughts. Although I stick with my opinion, I will accept any penalties that may occur.

I was coming in quicker than Uni, on the corner of the incident from my POV I can see that Uni breaks a bit too much ( almost stopped the car) on a corner that is a fast corner, maybe Uni did that to adjust his car to get better traction but that gave me no time even though I break as hard as I could. From that, the touch was very subtle, so subtle that didn't even do any damage to my wings, in my opinion not enough to make Uni spin.

By looking at Uni's POV I can see that Uni kept on accelerating and braking instead of just taking the foot off the pedal, in my opinion, the crash on the wall could be avoided.

Minute 15:35

Once again sorry about that @_Uniko , I never had the intention to damage your race.
Peace out


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No problem with you @londonguga ,this kind of thing can happen and I understand that.
The nature of my report is that I have been severely punished 2x for incidents less serious than this one so I would like an explanation of the line of judgment.

see you soon
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