Moved PS4 AL2 - Quali Incident

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Jul 26, 2020
Platform + League: PS4 AL2
League Coordinator: @NXGN_EnvoyXtreme
Date: 13/09/20
Members Involved: @TheFearedPillow
during my outlap in Qualifying, I had built up a big gap to the car in front (@TheFearedPillow) to ensure clean air. I could see I was catching him in sector 3, meaning he must have made a mistake. Then on the last corner, he had hugeeee oversteer, lost all his time - so at this point, his lap is definitely over. He proceeds to the line as do I, before i pull to the right side, lift off the pedal, to let flying lap cars through. The feared pillow attempts the same, instead of lifting off he brakes on the straight... not only causing a collision but also causing me a 5 place penalty for the race.

If I hadn’t built the gap in the outlap, or the lap by him was flying, then I would have accepted carnage was likely, as we are both going for quali pace (OCon and Raikannon at monza in Q1). But his lap is already over, pull over or keep driving, don’t brake on the straight.

ruined my whole race strategy, started P12 and couldn’t change tyre, everyone around me obviously went mediums for best 1 stop strategy and I was stuck with softs. ideal. Will post video when I get home from work.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards view this as a racing incident, with both drivers having the same idea at the same time. We think this incident is more down to timing rather than a case of dangerous driving, no further action will be taken here.

@Lewii-bwoi @NXGN_EnvoyXtreme @TheFearedPillow
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