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PS4 PS4 - AOR Assetto Corsa Competizione - 3 Hour Endurance Social Race

Next Race length?

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Alan Andrews

Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Jul 26, 2020
Apologies to all I havent been able to put the post together for the next race just yet. I was working on putting in a google form same as the league sign up before i had the call up as a proper coordinator for the league.

i've been thinking about driver swaps again, we're almost sure they'll never be properly implemented for console (fingers crossed im proved wrong in the future though). I had the idea of using SharePlay a little while ago but the other guys weren't so sure it would work.

From what i've read SharePlay lets someone essentially give another player control over the game for up to an hour, once this hour is up control is handed back to the main player. good thing is it can then be handed straight back or to another player if they want.

In my mind this would happen after tyre/fuel/damage work is completed at a pitstop, once the controls are unlocked a player then hands the controller as quick as they can to a team mate.

I'm not sure ACC supports SharePlay and i can't find anything online to say it's doable, but it's bugging me as potentially we could run driver swap races if it works.

So i need some guinea pigs for a little testing, i'll only need 1 or 2 for now just to see if it works on one car, we can do a quick session where i'll do an outlap and come straight in and hand over to another player, they would do the same and hand over to another player (probably me to then me to another player)

i'm hoping we can quickly test it this coming Sunday in the afternoon, any volunteers?
I'll certainly help out if I can....I need pit stop practice anyway so isn't an issue for me
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ACC Coordinator
ACC Coordinator
Premium Member
Jun 9, 2020
looks as though tomorrow could be quite busy with placements being announced.

Is anyone free to test today? I'll be logging on now and setting up an open lobby, feel free to join, i just need a couple of volunteers.

test wont take more than 30 minutes.

Hygrade B

ACC Coordinator
ACC Coordinator
Premium Member
Feb 14, 2020
@Thumbtwiddeler what wheel do you have I forgotten?
Just a stupid idea I have
if we don't have the same wheel could that be the problem with this game?
I know it should not make a difference no matter what you use to drive.