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Dec 10, 2017
Platform + League: PS4 Oceania F1
League Coordinator: @iContrast
Date: 25/11/18
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On lap 10 I headed into the final chicane with two cars in front of me battling. I approached the corner with a level of caution keeping a close eye on what the ahead drivers were doing. However, whilst battling they slowed down much more than I expected and I had to take evasive action by cutting the corner. This warranted me a corner cutting warning, which then contributed to me getting a penalty later in the race on lap 19 as I had gathered 3 warnings, 1 of which unfairly. I would like the warning on lap 10 to be removed, which would mean that I only received 2 warnings in the lead up to my lap 19 penalty, meaning the penalty should be removed. The corner cut on lap 10 was 100% evasive action and clearly from the evidence attached I did not gain any advantage, rather I lost time if anything. If the penalty were to be removed, I would finish 8th instead of 9th as evident in the photo below.
Thank you in advance.

Lap 10 warning footage:
aor canada s3 evidence 3.jpg
AOR Canada S3 penalty evidence.jpg
aor canada s3 evidence 2.jpg

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Jan 25, 2014
After getting your final penalty, you picked up a further two warnings so removing a warning would have no effect on your race time.

We'll remove it but nothing no further action.


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