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Featured F1 2016 PS4 F1's Titanic Championship Battle Hots Up

Discussion in 'AOR News Feed' started by DemoN F1, Feb 28, 2017.

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    battle pic.jpg

    With Sunday night's Japanese Grand Prix, the AOR F1 Leagues are moving towards the pinnacle of the season in the remaining four races: and there's one league where more is still up for grabs than most.

    The PS4 F1 league is home to AOR's fastest drivers on the console, and unlike to the PC and XB1 equivalents, the title is not yet a forgone conclusion. Throughout the season, the championship has been hotly contested between NervoTank and Alex, with many twists and turns along the way. The pair have made themselves known for their brilliance in contrasting ways, which has brought them together into a duel for the championship in the remaining four races.

    Leading the championship by just eight points after his win at the most recent race in Japan is NervoTank. During this season he has made himself renowned for his incredible pace and aggression, making him favorite each time he enters battle. In the sixteen out of seventeen races that NervoTank has started, he has claimed pole position an untouchable ten times. He is not only a qualifying specialist, as he has shown time and time again by dominating races with incredible race pace too. Most memorably though was his win at the famous Monaco Grand Prix, where he managed to win on the last lap after an incredible lunging move on Ali K into Massenet recovering from a drive through penalty. Since then however he hasn't been able to escape from his mistakes quite so well, losing out on valuable wins and points in his championship challenge due to needless penalties for track limits, strategy calls, incidents and speeding into the pit lane.

    On the flip side of the coin is Alex, the strategical master of the league. On several occasions this season his ability to control his tyre wear has enabled him to claim points consistently, and some memorable wins. His win at Malaysia performing the one stop from P19 on the grid showed how much of a versatile driver he is, by patiently moving through the field whilst preserving the condition of his tyres. Amazingly Alex is yet to claim a pole position this season, but this has not thwarted him too much, as he's managed to claim an equal six wins to NervoTank with some great strategy calls along the way. Alex made great use of the tyre wear glitch particularly at Austria, where he was the fastest of the qualifiers infamously on intermediates during a dry quali session (which instigated a rule preventing a repeat) and claimed a dominant victory in the race as a result. He has not been taken to the stewards once this season too, showing how much of a cleanly quick driver he is. Despite this though, Alex has had some mishaps this season as well as NervoTank. Such instances have usually coincided with wet weather conditions, which haven't suited his notorious gentle driving style. Additionally, the rain has even flustered his usually impeccable strategy decisions with the varying cross over points of the conditions on F1 2016.

    Here's what Nervo and Alex had to say about their seasons so far, and their rivalry with each other:

    NervoTank: "The season did not start as I expected. Lag starts influenced some of my races, by losing the lead of races from pole. The tyre wear glitch cost me race pace until the patch, which lost me several valuable positions. I have gotten some great wins but strategies and penalties have prevented me from getting more points this season, as well as a disconnection causing a significant loss of points too. Overall, there's been many ups and downs during this championship battle.

    Alex is a great racer and his strategies are almost always perfect. This makes him a very difficult guy to beat. However, I would have liked to have had more battles on track against him, with the strategies being different so often, but I am sure we can have some more battling in the remaining four rounds."

    Alex: "My Season so far has been quite up and down, obviously it started with a bang in Australia but until Monaco driver mistakes and bad luck prevented me from getting more podiums and wins. From Canada onward I pretty much maximised all races except Germany and Belgium where i was robbed of at least two podiums by the game. Overall I think that I did pretty well, considering that many people with similar pace to me have significant less points than me.

    My rivalry with Nervo was actually not very fierce until now. Most of the time our dips in results and form were the opposite of each other and therefore we had not so many on track battles. I am well and truly aware that he has a pace advantage over myself, but in F1 pace is only one of many factors."

    So clearly, both drivers feel as though their season has been good, but could merited further reward. Luckily for the neutrals, the luck and circumstance has balanced out to give us a fascinating end to the season. The most recent race in Japan may have given ominous signs to Alex, as NervoTank was able to exploit his phenomenal pace and execute a better strategy to claim an extra 15 points over the Red Bull driver, reclaiming the championship lead in the process. However, the championship standings have been back and forth throughout the season, and on several occasions the form guide has been proved wrong with surprise results occurring throughout the field most races this season. With this likely to continue through the last four races, consistency is going to be a big factor in the eventual champion's success from here on out.

    alex nervo points.jpg

    In a word, NervoTank described his championship chances as "confident (in himself winning)", which is likely to stem from his previous two championship titles in seasons 7 and 9. It was certainly a confident display in Japan from NervoTank, which replicating for the rest of the season will likely see him enter an elite group in AOR as a triple champion. On the other hand, Alex chose to describe his championship chances as "intact", which did not appear to be the case just four races ago in Belgium after an unfortunate start line incident opened up the gap to fifty eight points. Despite this, Alex remains in the hunt after a spectacular three wins in a row, and having been in this position, it's unsurprising that he's measuring his expectations.

    The only things that we can be certain on is that this championship is still wide open for the taking by either driver, and it will be an indisputably deserved triumph for the eventual victor.

    You can get more insight into the league by visiting the League Forum, and watching the official race highlights in the YouTube Playlist!
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    Well done DemoN, great article about the title showdown.
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