PS4 - Interest in F1 2019 Expert Driver League :D |

PS4 - Interest in F1 2019 Expert Driver League :D


F1 Reserve Driver
Mar 8, 2016
Hi everyone My question is to get interest in a F1 2019 league with a particular format.

Registration deadline: Minimum age 40 years
Departure time: 9.15pm UK TIME
The rest of the settings as for the official AOR leagues.

The over 40s usually have less time to train during the week, and clashing with youngsters who can spend 2-3 hours a day on the simulator can be frustrating. The delayed departure time would help to carry out homework or evening chores before getting behind the wheel.

What do you think? Good idea? bad idea?


Junior Karter
May 10, 2019
Very good idea, I am also over 40, and have a lot of dutys at home, as chef, taxi driver, football coach, lullaby singer etc. After nine in the evening, its perfect.
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