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Closed PS4 - Tier 2 Race 7 - Lap 1 Incident

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ACC Tier 2 + Round Number 7:
League Coordinator: CSR_DannyBoy
Date: 2nd March 2021
Members involved: Entire lobby; CSR_Kaczalski and Rotters91 in closest proximity to me before incident
I would like to report a Lap 1 incident that occurred where I was relegated to the back of the field with major damage after starting 2nd on the grid. I don't know who is directly responsible for the incident but Rotters91 confessed to playing a role in the collision as seen below. The 3rd place Ferrari mentioned here is CSR_Kaczalski. It is stated in the rules that lap 1 incidents are judged more harshly so I expect swift justice to be distributed. What occurred here is something I would expect in a public lobby and has no place in high level league racing. The incident in question can also be seen below.




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@MrKaczalski @Rotters91 could we have your POV?
At work so I'll do this later. Now I can see what actually happened and why I suddenly had the car in front slowing a lot more than expected. I wasn't aware there had already been an incident between 2nd and 3rd place so my admission of fault was in the belief I had caused both collisions.
One point of note though. The rules are clearly set out and first lap incidents are treated more severely, we all know that. It doesn't need another driver to state how they expect an incident to be dealt with, they are capable of doing it themselves without influence. The process should be respected as much as the outcome.


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The first bump wasn't what span cortez out it was the 2nd after I got hit from behind


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The first bump from @MrKaczalski is relevant to me because it caused him to be slower before the corner than would be normal. I couldn't see there had been an incident from my view and wasn't expecting to brake that hard. There was also a slight frame freeze or jump just before which at the time distracted me slightly. It looks like it occured just before he hit @vlx_cortez
I began braking at the moment they had contact and was on full brakes almost immediately but there was no chance of avoiding contact. Looking at @MrKaczalski 's clip there is less than a second between him hitting @vlx_cortez and me hitting him.
I claimed fault for the accident in the chat afterwards but only knew there had been an initial incident today. Of course I'm sorry two cars spun out although I now believe it wouldn't have happened without the initial bump.

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I'm very sorry that this has been open for so long, it slipped away from my todo list :(

After reviewing the incident, we classify it as an racing incident.
While we are not sure, if contact would have happened without the small lag-induced bump, we feel we can not penalize for a "what if" scenario.
Despite the large number of affected drivers, we will not take further action but would like to remind drivers to be especially cautious in the first race lap.

@danjbirch @MrKaczalski @vlx_cortez @Rotters91
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