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PS4 Pushed off the track

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Oct 15, 2018
Platform + League: PS4 F6
League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett @DON SILVA
Date: 09/12/18
Members Involved: @sjhk93
Description: On lap 31 after getting slightly ahead of the red bull on the previous corner, they pushed me off the track so far that they struggled to make the corner themselves. This incident ended any hopes of what seemed to be a sure podium.


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Aug 6, 2018
Yeah, this was entirely my fault - sorry. At the time I thought you had conceded the corner and weren't quite alongside any more, but obviously that was wrong. Apologies.

Didn't mean to run it out so wide, but I was really beginning to struggle with tyres at that point.

My POV from 36:40, for what it's worth:
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