PS4 - Pushing me on the grass in turn 4 |

PS4 Pushing me on the grass in turn 4

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Feb 14, 2017
Platform + League: PS4 F6
League Coordinator: @DON SILVA @Bankai_Bullett
Date: 17-03-2018
Members Involved: @Sneaky24-7Ninja
Description: Had a reasonable start off the line from p4 and on the straight me and @Sneaky24-7Ninja were side by side coming up to turn 4. He braked a little bit later then I did and then his right rear wheel hit me causing me to lock up on the grass and almost losing the rear. Lost loads of positions cuz of that. So what could've been a decent race, it unfortunately turned out not to be.
Evidence: Will post footage later tonight


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Nov 17, 2017

Really sorry about how it turned out, I was slightly distracted by the missing 100metre board and outbraked myself slightly. Felt like I'd left space outside me and that this is just a lap 1 racing incident but that's without having seen your POV.
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