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Qualifications in F1 2018


S16 AOR PC F8 Champion
Oct 28, 2014
If the title itself feels stupid and you do not want to read it, at least read the last two sentences.

I have two ideas for changing qualifications in f1 2018 (maybe 3).
Extending the qualifications to 18 minutes. We currently have 12 minutes and that is very little. When there are 20 people on the track and everyone wants to do 2 rides (2 laps), at least half will not make it, because you have to make a place between one car and another. And still have time to check the weather and load the setup...
We leave the qualification 12 minutes but we add 30 seconds / 1 minute to check the weather and load the setup. Something similar that is in the qualification of one chance. Soon someone will say that it will be a waste of time in races for 5 laps. This option would only be available in short qualifiers (most, as not all leagues use) and maybe in a career.
And Bonus maybe stupid but a bit of realism she would add:
If 30 seconds / 1 minute has been added to the qualification .We could leave the garage when the red light in the service avenue is still on. Of course, they will have to wait for the green light, but thanks to this we will also gain some time, which is very important in 12 minute qualifiers.On the tablet it could be done like this. First, count down from 60 to turn on the green light. And then the countdown of the qualification time.

I wrote this here because I would like to see such changes in F1 2018 (I think it's not just me). Writing to codemasters, writing on their forum, almost nothing will be. When I see that few people are interested in this topic. I wrote the same post on the Codemasters forum: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/132767/qualifications#latest
If you are interested in this topic, please let me know about it on the codemasters forum post.