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RACE CALENDAR - AOR F1 2016 Leagues - Season 13

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Jan 12, 2014
AOR F1 Leagues - Season 13
XB1/PS4/PC - Race Calendar

The race calendar for Season 13 will feature 15 rounds, making it slightly shorter than the full calendar that was run in Season 12. This is so that the season should end before the presumed release time of F1 2017. 12 of the tracks included were selected by the F1 Coordinators, while the remaining 3 tracks were voted in by the community.

● We reserve the right to make amendments to the calendar during the season if deemed necessary, in which case an update will be posted as a reply to this thread.
● Should Codemasters surprise us by announcing a release date for F1 2017 which is significantly earlier than anticipated, the calendar might be shortened to avoid a major overlap with the new game's life cycle.
● The break weeks are scheduled for the real life Canadian Grand Prix which would run at the same time as our races, and the real life British Grand Prix as many drivers often attend that race.

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