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PC Retire car on track.

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Marky Mark

Semi-Pro Karter
Jul 9, 2019
Platform + League: PC AL1
League Coordinator: @Schwalbe
Date: 19/01/20
Members Involved: @dsdsf1
Don't know what happend to DS, but he decided to retire on track after he "spun" and didn't wait until he get back to pits, so his AI car decided to drive and was about to block the racing line which is not cool. Me and a Torro rosso has to avoid his retired car.

6.3 Penalty points system
5 penalty points for leaving the session, without a valid reason



Junior Karter
Nov 8, 2019
Nothing to add, I retired on track because of some irl issues that needed to be handled asap and did not have the time to make it to the pits. I accept whatever penalty comes my way.

Head Steward

Head Steward
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
PCARS Coordinator
AC Coordinator
Premium Member
Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and decided to award @dsdsf1 5 penalty points for retiring on track and an additional 5 penalty points for dangerous driving (performed by the AI). Always make sure to retire when in the pitlane.

@Schwalbe @RebornDestroyer @dsdsf1 @Marky Mark
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