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rF2 F1 S3 Silverstone Lap 31 Incident


rFactor2 Coordinator
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rFactor2 Coordinator
Jan 15, 2017
League: AOR rF2 F1 S3
League Coordinator: @Sam Carpenter
Date: 22/6/19
Members Involved: me and @Jutsch
Julian has a bad run through Stowe which allows me to gain on him and be alongside him into Vale. We brake at around the same time but my deceleration is less than his which allowed me to get alongside even further before either of us turn into the corner. I did have a lock up causing me to slightly lose the rear but I managed to catch the car more than early enough and both of us would have made the corner if Julian didn't completely ignore me on the apex, causing contact and spinning me around.


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Aug 27, 2018
If you pause the video right at the entry of the corner, it’s clear to see that I had my nose in front. Also, as you already said, your car was not in control under braking and when u dived on the inside so late and forced, I had already commited my way through the corner and it was not possible to avoid contact cause I had already turned in before you were next to me. If you would have been alongside me earlier, I would obviously have tried to give you the room you needed, but that move was just too late and greedy I had no time to react. It’s a racing incident.

Sam Carpenter

Reigning rFactor 2 Monday League Champion
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rFactor2 Coordinator
Nov 16, 2017
The Stewards have decided that No Further Action will be taken with this incident.