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rF2 F1 Season 3 - AUS - Dangerous Rejoin


Formula 4 Test Driver
Jun 22, 2017
League: rF2 F1 Season 3
League Coordinator: @Sam Carpenter
Date: 20/4/19
Members Involved: Me, @Scott Davison
On lap 10, Davison had lost his front wing, went wide at turn 11 and re joined onto the racing line after the apex of turn 12, where I was quickly approaching, and nearly hit the rear of his car, which could've potentially ended both of our races.

Scott Davison

Formula Karter
Nov 18, 2017
I'm going to be honest. I can't load the video so can't remember how it went. But I had lost practically all steering (as you should see). So it's my fault, but in trying to get back to the pits and get out of the way of other cars beforehand, I couldn't do much. It is what it is.

Sam Carpenter

Reigning rFactor 2 Monday League Champion
Staff member
rFactor2 Coordinator
Nov 16, 2017
Just FYI this was closed with a warning and NFA before Bahrain but nobody currently has access to the Head Steward account.