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rFactor 2 F1 - Season 3 Signup and info

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Sam Carpenter

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Nov 16, 2017
Signups are OPEN!

You can submit liveries and preferred numbers in their respective threads!

Welcome to Season 3 of the AOR rFactor 2 Formula 1 Championship! This season marks the continuation of our 2-seasons-per-year plan, with a slightly tweaked calendar. A quickfire 12-round season, including tracks not present in season 2, aims to up the competitiveness and craziness once more. Our main focus this season is to have clean racing, good sportsmanship, and a chilled and friendly atmosphere to go racing. The season will be coordinated by @Sam Carpenter and @ChazmR (other coordinators are listed in the rules and regulations thread). Read below for more info about the league and how to join!

Mod Information:
  • 2019 F1 specification:
  • Approximately 2019 downforce levels (slightly lower at the front end than season 2)
  • V6 engine - 990bhp at full power - qualifying/race modes - different fuel mixtures
  • 'Pirelli styled' compounds - C1-C5 model. You MUST select the correct compounds in the tuning menu before qualifying.
  • Open Setups with parc ferme after lap set in Q1
  • Updated car model (no halo)
  • Custom teams/liveries
  • Custom driver numbers
General Information:

What day and time do events start?

Day/Times - GMT/BST (UK TIME):
  • Saturday
  • Qualifying 1: 6.30PM
  • Qualifying 2: 6.42PM
  • Warmup: 6:50PM
  • Race: 7PM
When will the season start? The season is scheduled to start on the 20th of April in Australia, and run until the 27th of July 2019 with the finale in Japan. There will be various break weeks in this season. The calendar can be found below:


What are the entry requirements? You must sign up as part of a team, however single driver entries with a team name but no teammate will be permitted to an extent. If there are multiple teams (for example 3+) with only one driver and have been so for 2 or more races, attempts will be made by administrators to either fill the other seat, or merge teams together. (if you wish to post below that you are looking for a team, that is allowed) - All drivers will be required to participate in lobbies on the league's server ahead of the season to show their ability, however, only in exceptional circumstances will this lead to a driver not being granted permissions to sign up to the league. You may also sign up as an AOR Reserve - team reserve drivers are prohibited.


What assists are allowed?
There will be no assists* allowed for this season, in an attempt to create a league with an environment as close to reality as possible.
*with the exception of auto clutch

How do I register as part of a team? Simply state your team preferences in this thread - the name of your team and name of the driver you're teaming up with. There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per team at any one time. Drivers will not be allowed to change teams unless given permission by the League Coordinators.

How many spaces are available? 40 full team driver spots are available for the season, on race days this will be limited to 30 maximum drivers on the server at once. This potentially means pre-qualifying will take place prior to official qualifying. The slowest drivers from pre-qualifying will be excluded from taking part in the official event that week until the 30 limit is reached.

Can I participate in a 'one off' race? We will not be accepting one-off 'wildcard' entries for drivers who wish to dip their toe in the water. All drivers who complete must have completed the full sign up process and then wait to be messaged by the coordinators.

Race night structure?
  • Two Qualifying sessions followed by a race which is an hour long (70% distance of IRL race)
  • Qualifying 1 is 12 minutes long - Top 10 progress to Q2
  • Qualifying 2 is 7 minutes long - shootout for pole position
(must use same compound at the start of the race as you use in qualifying to set your fastest lap)
- Use same compounds as real life (2 compounds must be used during race)

More details can be found in the rules thread.

Are setups permitted? The Championship is open to setup modification.

What is the points system? The points system will be the same as formula one in real life with 25 points for a win, 18 for second etc.

Are there any recommended files to download? All of the tracks and the car for this season are in the package attached to the server, which is all you will need for the duration of the season. You will be required to create/your own custom livery for your car or get our partners to design one for you.

However, there will be a downloads section on the new forum for you to download tracks and other files ahead of time. This is simply for your convenience.

We recommend SHQM HUD on the Steam Workshop, which provides decently detailed information on-screen.

You are also required to run SRT Anti-Cheat Software which is linked in our anti-cheat thread.

Can we create our own liveries and helmets? Yes you can, there is a livery submission thread.

Will there be any coverage of the races? Yes. broadcasting for the league has been arranged, be sure to check out the ApexOnlineRacing Youtube channel for these broadcasts on each race day.

To be able to sign up to the league, you are required to complete the following template.

● Full Name: [Enter your Full Name here - this will be used in game and for the mod creation]
● Gamertag: [Enter your Steam Name here]
● Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? [Yes/No]
● Team Name and Teammate [Enter your team name here if applicable/ Enter the name of your teammate here if applicable]
● Speedtest result: [Test your connection towards a UK or German server at speedtest.net and add your result here]
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Sam Carpenter

Reigning rFactor 2 Monday League Champion
Staff member
rFactor2 Coordinator
Nov 16, 2017
● Full Name: Sam Carpenter
● Gamertag: nfgaming46
● Nationality: British
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Team Name and Teammate:
Sabre Racing - Phil Kraus
● Speedtest result:

Craig Baxter

rFactor2 Coordinator
Staff member
rFactor2 Coordinator
Apr 7, 2014
● Full Name: Craig Baxter
● Nationality: Scottish
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? [Yes/No]
● Team Name and Teammate Defiance Racing / Scott Davison
● Speedtest result:


S15 AOR PC F9 Champion
Jan 12, 2018
● Full Name: Danny Robbins
● Gamertag: DannyTard
● Nationality: British
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Team Name and Teammate: TCS Motorsports / Dawid Krupa
● Speedtest result:
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Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 9, 2018
● Full Name: Craig Dancy
● Gamertag: Sgarky
● Nationality: British
● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Team Name and Teammate: Team InfiniX / Philip Schiff (@Jezza )
● Speedtest result:


Formula Karter
Jun 26, 2017
● Full Name: Hugo Tempez
● Gamertag: Volante Endless
● Nationality: French
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Team Name and Teammate : Volante Racing / @jasonabsmeier
● Speedtest result:

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