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rFactor 2 Media Thread


PS4 Triple Crown Le Mans GTE tier 2 Winner
Apr 19, 2017
So, I am a PS4 player, but one Saturday I thought I'd see if my laptop could run any sim racing software and get my first experience of racing on PC.

rFactor worked a treat and oh my days, I was blown away. To the point where if I have enough money left over from buying a Thrustmaster T300RS GT on Black Friday, I may be buying a PC so I can run proper sim racing games like AC, Project Cars 2 and iRacing.

Here's my initial thoughts if anyone is interested:

Would be great to hear any advice or tips from you guys about sim racing on PC. What I should be aware of or any help you can give me. The PC I'm looking at buying is something of a similar spec to this here.