Rookie Championship - Results Tables |

Rookie Championship - Results Tables


Assist 2 Legend
Feb 13, 2017
And the season is over!

First of all, congrats and thank you to @SereneLogic for A) Winning the AOR DiRT 4 S1 Rookie championship B) Carrying me to the team championship and C) Doing most of the co-ordinating work. Much appreciated ;) Also well done to @Jorc94 and @SolidNinjaSnake for finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.
On a personal note on the team championship, congrats to @Casey legend99 and @Jorc94 for pushing us close in the team championship. Was a good fight :)

Also a big thank you has to go to all of you who participated - I really enjoyed just driving the cars, but it's all the more better when we have competitors on our level of pace to test ourselves against.

Lastly, check the forums for news on Season 2, we'll have info for you soon. In the meantime, why not check this out?

@Casey legend99 @Soupcooler @SavageSnailx69x @frankodrose @Faerge @chert @JAllitt @SMEAJ @SolidNinjaSnake @xXMARKELiNXx


Junior Karter
Feb 22, 2017
Thanks for putting together the championship guys! It was great fun. Hopefully with a better setup and more practice I can come back stronger in later seasons.


S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Nov 27, 2016
Not bad considering I joined in late! Thanks for organising everything, will look out for the next one! =)