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PS4 Rookie League Odds ..... Part 2!

AOR Perez

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Aug 21, 2016
So as per popular request, the championship odds are back for a second time, this time after the race in Belgium. The league has had quite a re-shuffle, a new co-ordinator, several drop outs, and plenty of new faces too. The league is bound to have changed, and it defintelty has so!

@washy03 @kam @AOR_Vettel @Flushie @denzamo @maxtheracer @Adibales @DeserterNE @GuytheGuy17 @tsentelovich_bg [USER=13424]@Jameswood129 @bananajosh1 @Energy @Fc_Bart_ @CheepFX @HRL Cavy @B5NCO

1. @Squizza1990 (no change) - 3/2. Squizza is a complete package, he has good one-lap pace which has enabled him to take three pole positions this season, but the main thing why he has a dominant lead in the championship is his ultra-consistency, with six wins so far this season. The second half hasn't gone to the started he would have wanted however, with crashes is both qualifying and the race at Spa.

2. @maxtheracer (no change) - 10/2. Max or Falcan is a really quick driver and is one of the fastest in the world on one-lap pace. He has six pole positions, but only one of the pole positions have been converted into a win. His best performances seem to have come from lower starting positions, as seen with wins from out of the top 10 in China and Baku. He is known for his agressive driving style, most notably in Britain, Hungary and Germany. However he has only recived one penalty from the stewards, which was in Austria. If he can raise his consistency and start to have clean races, he is definitely the one to watch out for in the championship.

3. @B5NCO (new entry) - 70/1. The odds are already huge at this stage as B5NCO is a driver from the Reserve League who got promoted in Silverstone up a tier. A previous friend of Squizza, B5NCO has already been involved in several battles at the front. He seems to have great pace, and has already notched two podiums so far.

4. @kam (up four spots) - 75/1. Kam is currently Renault's lead driver and sits a pretty P3 in the championship at the moment. His consistency in early rounds has helped him to four podiums this year, but in the last three rounds he has only scored one points finish. After a really good run in the middle, with title hopes, things seem to have gone back down. He still has good pace, and will be a solid top six runner till the end of the season.

5. @washy03 (up six spots) - 100/1. Washy is a VERY consistent drive who has been in the points in every single race. His race pace stands out with six top-five positions so far but he has still yet to score a podium. That has been his downfall, along with his qualifying performances, to stop him challenging higher. He is the new coordinator and has been doing a great job in this role too helping the league.

6. @Energy (new entry) - 110/1. Energy joined only one race ago and he won it! His clean and superb drive in Spa has to be acknowledged as probably the best drive this season from an individual driver. He is a wildcard who will be battling at the front till the end of the season.

7. @Sweetmjp (new entry) - 140/1. Sweetmjp recently joined Ferrari as they hoped to resurrect their constructors championship charge. So far he has delivered two podiums in his first two races, and seems like a fast experienced campaigner going for to challenge for more champagne and possibly an AOR victory.

8. @tsentelovich_bg (up two spots) - 180/1. Tsentelovich or Centa is a race winner in this league having one a great battle in Bahrain to take the first ever Bulgarian AOR victory, in the series' history. However since then bad luck and collisions has damaged his chances of scoring further podiums and he has only scored two points in the last three races. However he is hoping to get his season back on track. His form seem's quite erratic, we all know he is a very fast driver on the game, but his lack of consistency means he hasn't scored enough points as we know he is capable of.

9. @GuytheGuy17 (new entry) - 181/1. GuyTheGuy is my new teammate and he seems to be a very quick one too. His pole in Belgium was a rather big surprise, and he was unlucky in the race to not be on the top step after a collision, but his recovery to second was great to watch. He will be most likely a driver to keep it fast and clean at the front, from what we have seen of him so far, he could be taking the fight close at the top.

10. @DeserterNE (down four spots) -190/1. Deserter has missed the last few rounds due to various issues; which means he has gradually dropped down the championship. His consistency and usually clean driving has helped him secure two podiums for the Sauber team. He will be hopefully of adding to this tally, but faster drivers recently joining the league may make it much harder.

11. @Flushie (up five spots) - 350/1. Flushie probably doesn't have the raw speed to take fight with the front runners, but he is a very clean and consistent driver who uses that to his advantage into the chaotic Rookie League races. He takes the start conservatively to avoid damage and from then on presses for strong points. His result at Spa, his closest race to a home track, shows that he has maybe even upped his form another level.

12. @bananajosh1 (up one spot) - 400/1. Banana Josh has had PSN problems restricting him to less starts this season than he would have wanted. His front row qualifying in Round 1 or leading in the wet in Spa shows he has pace to build on, but if he can tone his aggression down he can go a long way.

13. Adibales (up two spots) - 450/1. Adibales has been Mercedes rear gunner this season and has scored some valuable points to keep Mercedes in the lead of the Constructors Championship. His fifth place in Hungary was a clean and important driver; and he can hope to score points consistently for the rest of the season.

14. @Declan Washington (no change) - 455/1. Decster has been very anonymous all season long. His inactivity on the forums means that we all have seemingly forgotten of the Manor driver who took a podium in his second race. Recent points finishes having given hope that with a new teammate he can get his team back in shape.

15. @Jameswood129 (new entry) - 600/1. Not much to add here; but the new Sauber recruit has shown that he has some fast pace in his debut in Germany, with a podium only a few laps away from him.

16. @AOR Perez (up one spot) - 603/1. OK, I may have put myself a bit higher than expected but that's because I feel I have the pace to challenge for good points. I qualified third in Hungary but was unlucky with the safety car to fall down to ninth; which has been my best result. I disconnected in Belgium and had to pull out of the race in Germany when I was on for more points due to other reasons. If I can managed my tyres a bit better I feel I can score points all the way till the end of the season.

17. @denzamo (up one spot) - 610/1. Denzamo has been better with consistency in recent races; his drive in Austria was very good. But he may rue losing out more points earlier in the year with a more competitive field now, as shown by his lack of points in the last three rounds.

18. @Fc_Bart_ (new entry) - 650/1. Hopefully Bart can have a nice finish to the season after recently joining the league. He scored a very good eighth in Hungary and should be fast till the end of the season. It is very close towards the bottom for sure, so any one of the bottom eight could end up last.

THE DRIVERS WHO LEFT - @AOR_Vettel was a very quick driver and a nice guy but sadly he left the league due to personal reasons, best of luck too him, but hopefully I can race him in S13;). His teammate and coordinator @CheepFX also sadly left, and seemed like a nice guy before his sudden disappearance. @rickwales and @Tfix brought up a valid point in regarding to the league structure which will hopefullt be fixed. I wish everyone of them good luck.

However the drivers who just didn't turn up I don't. Mitch, Zhavior, Manatee, Dan Pursall etc.., should have given a reason for just leaving which deprieved us significantly of numbers recently. Now we have @washy03 doing a great job and helping us get back to the league we were; along with @HRL Cavy who is a stunning commentator. Me and everyone who comments in the forum is helping the league too by keeping the discussion alive and the racing gets more fun because of it. Hope you guys all have a good 2017 :)[/USER]