PS4 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix - [06/09/2020 8PM UK]


Formula 3 Test Driver
Nov 17, 2017
Q: 5th 1:20.298
Got blocked on my first run through T12 which ended in massive contact which I was lucky not to retire from but did pick up what I considered a ridiculously unfair 5 place grid penalty. (Footage not included of that because of my heat of the moment reaction)
Fortunately my second run ended in a PB which ultimately left me P5 (P10 after the penalty)

R: 2nd
A slow and cautious start cost me a few positions on lap 1 but started climbing back through the field for the remainder of the first stint. Went for a relatively early pitstop onto mediums to try to undercut @iJokeri22 which worked well as he came out around a second behind 2 laps later. With some people who had opted for the hards pitting again under the safety car I was promoted to P5 and with no track limits warnings at all left me in a very strong position. I spent the remainder of the race comfortable from behind as @iJokeri22 and @Bankai_Bullett battled costing them a little time and holding a 2 second gap in front to @McBorix who had a penalty to his name. Crossed the line 4th but after the penalties applied to the two cars ahead finished P2 behind my teammate @TheTubbyNinja for a Mclaren 1-2 and a fantastic start to the season!



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Aug 4, 2018
Quali 7th, Race 7th

Only got one lap in for my quali due to invalidating my other two which was a shame. Decided before the race to keep it steady, stay out of trouble and most importantly no penalties. Wanted a solid result for the first race of the season so didn't take any risks. This did hit my lap time but was planning on benefiting from this at the finish line. Pace on the softs at the start was not good, dropped down the order but wasn't really battling. Switched to the hards very early and felt a lot more comfortable. Was doing ok but on the safety car went for the mediums as I had quite a gap behind me. Even though I selected mediums on the MFD (checked again later) my pit crew put on Inters! I couldn't believe it. Had to do a lap on the inters to pit again for the mediums. Very luckily for me the SC did an extra lap and I was able to catch the back on the pack back up before the restart. This saved my race. At the line jumped to 7th with no penalties so having done 3 stops it's not a bad result in the end. Well done to the Mclarens, great result for them.


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Jan 28, 2020
Q: P11
R: P3

Qualifying was terrible, I couldn't do any clean laps, I qualified on the P11 minipole and that gave me the chance to put on medium tires at the start of the race, my goal in the first stint was to keep up with the pace of those in front, now They were on soft tires and time was working in my favor but what surprises me the most is that not only did I hold the pace, I also managed to overtake from the first laps, this was key for me in the race since I did not waste too much time overtaking and that added At a constant pace and without errors in my driving, it led me to lead the race for several laps until the arrival of the SC, having started with mediums, only obtained two valid options, soft or hard, as there were 12 laps left, I thought about the hard ones and for a stint More solid finish, it finally gave the expected pace and finally I finished on a magnificent podium, going from P11> P3. Good comeback.

In the next race in Bahrain I will come back with the mentality of scoring and I will fight for whatever I have to fight, it is only the first race, we have 21 more races to finish.

Here I leave a small summary of the classification and race

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Oct 15, 2017
Milton Keynes, England
Qualifying: 2nd
Could have had pole if I managed to put in a lap I knew I was capable of, but I can't complain with 2nd place.

Race: 1st
Awful launch left me in a sandwich heading to T1 which I somehow survived. Fell to 3rd but managed to win the position back before the pitstop. Couldn't match the pace of @GTX_23x at any stage of the race and after the safety car restart TTG_Buemi (unsure of AOR Forum name) was proving difficult to shake off. Eventually I managed to drop him out of DRS and to my surprise and joy @GTX_23x entered the pits from the lead with 5 laps to go, gifting me the race win and subsequently McLaren a hard fought 1-2 to start the season.
I definitely deserved 2nd from the race so the race win is a massive bonus, even if it was extremely lucky.



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Oct 24, 2019
What is your equipment while playing the game?

Last year, i used Thrustmaster's equipment [T300 RS + Ferrari ADD ON], but since May 2020, I go to Fanatec.

Playseat : RSeat RS 1

Bundles : Fanatec CSL Elite official PS4

Wheel : Fanatec F1 2020 Steering Wheel Limted Edition [Look like Fanatec Wheel V2]

Pedals : Fanatec Basic

The big difference between Thrustmaster and Fanatec is the pedals, particulary the brakes.
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F1 Coordinator
Apr 4, 2015
My highlights.

P4 > P6... hopefully P5 if my penalty gets removed.
Could've been a better result as I felt I should've had podium pace... but with how the race panned out, both Renault cars in the top 10 is a good first race so I'm not too bummed.

Also, @DON SILVA with the staring role :whistle: