PS4 - Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix - Sunday 15th April 2018 [8:00pm (UK time)] |

PS4 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix - Sunday 15th April 2018 [8:00pm (UK time)]

Iestyn rhys

Semi-Pro Karter
May 9, 2017
Good race. P2! Well done to vintage on a wonderful drive
Race report:
A good start from 5th that turn to p3 before making a move for p2 and making it stick, couldn’t keep up to vintage but there we go onto next week!


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Dec 26, 2017
Q: P4
R: P5

Quali was my best grid position since joining AOR possible could have got slightly more pace out of the car but not much so pretty please with my lap.
Race started well managed to get up to P3 and was closing in on @Iestyn rhys for P2 when i spun out of the fast left right. I then tapped my front wing due to spinning up my tyres when rejoining the track. So i had to pit on lap 4 for softs. Managed to get the tyres to last to the end of the race finishing P5 so overall a good recovery!


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Dec 8, 2017
Q: 9th
R: 10th

Qualifying went great, couldn't even get into the 1.23.9's in practice. So an 1.23.5 was great.

The start of the race was perfect, went from P9 to P6 before the chicane.
Then had a hard three way battle with @Benmorgan and @Marcos64DR for P3.
In the end when I passed both of them I pitted on lap 9.
Came out of the pits and was side by side with @Texho. I had the inside of turn one and left space on the outside.
He did hit me on the left back wheel and this made all my chances on a podium finish go away as my front wing got broken.
Had to pit, went on the SS and pushed all the way till the end.
Made a little mistake when @HoinkDoink came out of the pits, I thought he went to the left on turn one so I went into the gravel to not have a possible crash and this made me into P13/14
Wen I passed the finish line I still got into P10 as @Texho had a time penalty.

I feel like my race was ruined by someone else and I could have raced @Marcos64DR for a P3 finish. Hoping next week on a better race and result.
Mar 20, 2018
Q: P13
R: P4

Odd race. Qualifying was a total disaster. Banker lap was far below average with a 1.24.5. Second run bottled by carrying too much throttle in turn 6 and hitting the wall.
The race was pretty dull for me. Started P13, managed to avoid the chaos and ended up in P10 after turns 1 and 2. After that just drove my own race.
People in front of me collided or crashed and I managed to get my way up to 3rd before stopping after 19 laps on the softs and only 60% wear.
Rejoined in 5th, only to pass @Nozza_95, or well pass, he let me pass him.
Came close to a podium in my rookie race, but got my 3rd warning, after having to endure being a sec behind a backmarker who didnt let me pass for the last 3 laps.


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Dec 26, 2017
only to pass @Nozza_95, or well pass, he let me pass him.
was no point in holding you up as you were clearly quicker then me at that stage of the race, my race was with my own tyres.

Came close to a podium in my rookie race, but got my 3rd warning, after having to endure being a sec behind a backmarker who didnt let me pass for the last 3 laps.
if you have footage you should consider putting in an inquiry as that's poor driver etiquette
Mar 20, 2018
What I do think though, is that we need some strict rules about complaining in the chat.
Personally I got a little annoyed by the complaining after qualifying and if I'm right, the rules state that such behaviour is not allowed.
I think we need to draw a clear line in this and people who cross that need to be warned or punished for it.
But in the end that's up to the league coördinator :)
Sep 12, 2017
Actually gutted Qualified 15th and DNF in the race

Quali Report: set a dreadful banker lap of a 24.6 on supersoft and was held up on my second flying in sector 3 after a improvement in sector 1 and 2 which meant I had to chuck on ultras for 1 last ditch attempt but ended up invalidating it P15.

Race Report: decent initial start but was boxed in through turn 1 and 2 which dropped me back to 17th but soon made it back to 14th with some unfortunate mistakes from other drivers who ran wide or got damage and pitted. I made a very nice overtake on @HoinkDoink into turn 6 and quickly caught up to ishokz and on lap 4 I had a monstrous run out of turn 12 on him which put us side by side for turn 13 with me on the inside I gave all the room for him to make around the outside but he was very close as if he followed the racing line which left me with no room as my front left clipped his rear right tyre and that sent me for a slide onto the grass which lead to me trying to correct it but lost the back end hitting the wall losing a wheel and DNFing

After thoughts: absolutely gutted I definitely had the pace to be up there in the points but quali being a disaster aswell as the race this is a Sunday to forget but I'm looking to come back strong for next week.

Also congratulations to vintage on the win today great pace mate


Formula 4 2nd Driver
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Aug 22, 2016

In practice I would have started around p6 but messy qualifying for me.
Up to P9 by lap 5 and on the gearbox of texch0, he takes defensive line in turn 1 on lap 6 slowing himself right down, Slight collision and I need a new front wing so pit lap 6 and come out of pits in P15
Within 2 laps (lap 9) I catch iShokzxox and couldn’t get past him until lap 18, by this time we was getting blue flagged. From the fastest lap times I thought I had the pace to pull away from the leader but made a few errors trying so got a penalty (sorry vintage, a bit frustrating!).
Nothing to lose (or gain) I pitted for ultras lap 20, served my penalty and came out behind iShokz, did a 1:25.2 fastest lap on lap 22, caught iShokz again and passed him after the 2nd DRS zone but gets me back on the outside of T4 shutting the door, I just brought it home glad it was over in the end.
My practice race was a 42:45s which would have been good enough for 3rd!!
Hope to get some points next week. Will post highlights soon....


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F1 Coordinator
Feb 18, 2017
Q - 11 - Just couldn't get a run together, was going faster in my last lap but over shot a corner and invalidated my time

R - 7 - Got bogged down as the lights went green and had a swarm of cars fly by, at the first corner a few cars in front had a little incident and got squeezed into someone and think I was down into 16th, the strategy was just to remain calm and pick of cars as the race went by. Found myself with @Ivorbrynmike and was happy just to run with him and try cut through the field together but unfortunately @Ivorbrynmike and @Jan Sprick had an incident right in front of me which led to @Ivorbrynmike retirement :( Looked like Ivor had the inside lane and 2 into 1 didn't fit. A few laps later there was an incident between @syluntbob and @Texho not exactly sure what happened but looked like both ran deep into the first corner and the road ran out for @syluntbob :( Then when @Texho was recovering @Jan Sprick put a tyre on the grass which veered him into @Texho which left @Jan Sprick in a spin.

Had a nice little battle with @Texho for a few laps and then we had @Carcanon coming out of the pits and I do not like this pit exit, looked liked @Texho did try avoid the collision but again the road ran as he ran deep into the first corner then to come into the second corner touched the back of @Carcanon and both cars looked to stick together :( From there I had clear air in front of me and ran around at my own pace until I needed to pit. And as I came out of the pit I had @Carcanon entering the first corner, I tried to stay tight, I don't know if there was any contact but @Carcanon had a little spin :(

From there on I chased down @alikemal_05 and managed to get passed, from there I didn't really see anyone, tried to close down @Benmorgan but the laps ran out and before I could catch up, @Vintage_DG was there to lap me, who had a storming race :O

Well done to @Vintage_DG on the win and to @Iestyn rhys and @Marcos64DR on getting the podium :)
Well done to @syluntbob on the fastest lap :)

First race is over and is always a little learning curve to how other drivers race, so hopefully we keep learning about one another and manage to have some great battles but the most important thing is to remember the aim of the race is for everyone to finished and have fun, its nice to have a little battle and no one likes being overtaken but remember to stay safe as you don't want to end your race or someone else race, we want all cars to finish :)