Round 1 - Bahrain Grand Prix [26/04/15 - 8:00pm] |

Round 1 - Bahrain Grand Prix [26/04/15 - 8:00pm]


F1 1st Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Good vid, comm's is better than when I tried a couple seasons back, that was ghastly lol, every other word was "f**k this and that", and "here's whojamaflip going for an over take on somebody else who's name I forget even tho its right in fecking front of me". I was like Crofty's mentally challenged but constantly smashed on crack alter ego, it wasn't good lmfao. Needless to say that was 'accidentally' deleted, never to see the light of youtube ever! But yea, The tap in the 2nd race into T1, I didn't feel a thing so no worries on that, I guess. :hilarious:
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